Site of Calgary mass murder for sale

The house that was the site of Calgary’s worst mass murder is up for sale.

Five University of Calgary students were killed there at an end-of-school party in April. It’s listed for $490,000. The real estate listing promises a great location but adds it “needs some work to turn it into the gem it can be.”

Matthew de Grood is undergoing a psychiatric assessment to determine if he can be found criminally responsible. He’ll back in court on August 29.


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LEE says:

this is very sad why

Bohdan D says:

I can see why the owner wants to sell. What about the buyer?

Patty says:

That house should be taken down and not sold

mandusa says:

I don’t understand how anyone could want to buy that house. It should be torn down.

Jennifer says:

Who in their right mind would want to buy this house they would have to give it away

xjaysfan says:

It is unfortunate for the owner, but it should be destroyed..

Elizabeth says:

I wouldn’t want to live in this house.

Dan says:

This house should be torn down, who in their right mind would want to live there.

Drunk James says:

i don’t think anybody who knows what happened there are going to want to buy the house!

Joanna says:


Johnny Rebel says:

that’s true i wouldn’t want to live there after a mass murder

Pansy says:

Don’t think I would want to live in that house.

Christy says:

Tear it down – too many memories. Make it a city park where kids can play and enjoy – make it into a positive thing!

barbis9 says:

That is creepy. I wonder if the house is haunted. Imagine the poor sucker that buys this house…$490,000 sounds like a lot for a house that needs work…..

Lisa says:

The house should be demolition. Who wants to buy the house that many innocent kids died in.

Cam Galindo says:

I wouldn’t want to live there!

Cheryl says:

I think the house should be destroyed. Even if a buyer doesn’t know about what happened there, they will eventually find out from neighbors. Feel sorry for the owner, probably will take a huge loss.

Linda says:

I wonder WHO would want this house, come on a terrible tragety happened here.