Almost immediately after its premiere in 1993, The X-Files became an international phenomenon. The show’s conspiratorial tone and blend of paranoia, horror and edge-of-the-seat suspense made it one of the most popular and groundbreaking shows in television history.

The X-Files Essential Collection has been personally curated by series creator, writer and executive producer Chris Carter to include 20 must-see episodes from the original X-Files that are not only fan favourites, but are also a crucial guide to the essence of the series. This is the ultimate collection for longtime fans, and a comprehensive introduction for those who are new to the show. It includes the best from nine seasons of abductions, monsters, mythology, government conspiracy & paranormal phenomena.

The X-Files chronicles the lives of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully, two disparate FBI agents who were originally assigned to investigate the bureau’s unsolved cases, known as the “X-Files” — many of which suggest paranormal involvement. Mulder, who maintains that as a young boy he witnessed his sister’s abduction by aliens, is the believer, steadfast in his determination that there exists an entire world which simply cannot be explained by rational thought, a world rife with alien beings, government conspirators, and human anomalies. Scully, a medical doctor by training, remains the rock-solid skeptic, equally determined to prove that science can explain even that which appears to be without explanation. Nothing, not even her own possible alien abduction, has shaken the foundations of her faith.


Gillian Anderson as Dana Scully


Gillian’s first big break came when she landed a role in the off Broadway play Absent Friends. She won a Theater World Award in 1991 for her performance in this production. She did one more play, The Philanthropist, at the Long Wharf Theater in New Haven, CT and a low budget film starring Tess Harper and Karen Allen called The Turning before relocating to Los Angeles to pursue a career in film.

In 1993, Gillian auditioned for a TV pilot of a newly formed Fox Network show called The X-Files. It was for the role of Special Agent Dana Scully. “I couldn’t put the script down,” Gillian remembers. During the auditions, there was a bit of ‘behind the scenes’ action. The executives at Fox wanted someone with less radiance and more sex-appeal cast in the role of Scully, but writer-director Chris Carter insisted that Gillian had the no-nonsense integrity that the role required. “I sort of staked my pilot and my career at the time on Gillian. I feel vindicated everyday now,” says Chris Carter about his decision to stand firm on his choice for Scully.


David Duchovny as Fox Mulder


In 1991, David got offered the role of DEA Dennis Bryson on the acclaimed TV series Twin Peaks. He only appeared in three episodes, but it was a claim to fame due to the series’ popularity. In the early 1990s, he appeared in Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead and the family favourite comedy, Beethoven.

A year later, in 1993, David got the lead role in the independent film Kalifornia. The film also starred another up-and-coming young actor, Brad Pitt. That same year, David was offered the role of FBI Agent Fox Mulder on the long-running TV series The X-Files. The show was a tremendous international success and propelled David (and his co-star Gillian Anderson) into super-stardom. His character of Mulder has become somewhat of a pop culture legend and is renowned the world over for his satirical wit and dry sense of humor. Fans loved the fact that he could keep a straight face and still crack and joke in the face of extreme danger. David improvised a lot of his own lines of dialogue while on the show and even penned and directed a few episodes. To date, David has reprised his role of Fox Mulder in two “X Files” feature films: The X Files and The X Files: I Want to Believe.