Episode: Tuesday March 3rd, 2015

Leonard Nimoy lost his battle with COPD. We learn more about this disease. And -- Patrick Brown is now leading in the PC Leadership race? How did that happen?

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Our resident Dr. Brett Belchetz is with us today talking about COPD after Leonard Nimoy's death.

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PC Leadership is turning out to be an exciting one. Keith Leslie, Queen's Park reporter with The Canadian Press talks about the man of the man of the hour, MP Patrick Brown.

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Many restaurants have a rule that a party will be seated only when all guests arrive. Does this policy annoy you?

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Your turn! Your views on Hijabs in court and public payphones. Contact us with your views! Call us: 905-522-1101 EXT.2830 / 1-888-632-6688 EXT.2830 Email us: SquareOff@chch.com or Tweet us: @SquareOffCHCH

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It's Panel Monday. Michael Coren, Author, columnist and broadcaster and Greg Anderson, a former superintendent and principal, currently a school trustee debate the news making headlines.


A social experiment video goes viral. And -- Gas price is on its way up. Find out why.


The Debate between creation and evolution blew up at Queen's Park this week. And -- Which city has the highest kill rate for stray animals?


So many theories around the mystery tunnel found near Pan Am site in North York. And who's looking through your private hospital records?

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