Episode: Monday October 12th, 2015

It's a special Thanksgiving Panel Monday. Columnist and broadcaster Michael Coren and former principal and current school trustee Greg Anderson discuss the stories behind the headlines.

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In the final week before the federal election who is making the biggest gains or losing the most ground? And -- why has the Niqab become a focal point in this election?

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A month and a half into the new school year and the province hasn't reached a deal with the elementary school teachers. What's the hold up? And -- is Wynne barring the media from events with a Chinese official the price of doing business with China?

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A group is offering to send nude pictures to people who message them saying they have voted. What incentives would get you to vote?

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Your turn! Your view on the airstrike on a Doctors Without Borders hospital, and about all the Blue Jays bandwagon jumpers. Call us: 905-522-1101 EXT.2830 / 1-888-632-6688 EXT.2830 Email us: SquareOff@chch.com or Tweet us: @SquareOffCHCH

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There's growing concern that cocaine use is on the rise among NHL players. And -- Doctors Without Borders calls for an independent probe after one of its hospitals was hit in an airstrike.


The majority of Canadians support loosening marijuana laws, but will the election bring about change? And -- why is there still much misunderstanding regarding ADHD?


The Trans-Pacific Partnership has been agreed to in principle but what does it mean to Canadians? And -- why should we explore the uncharted Canadian wilderness?


Ontario will begin funding in-vitro fertilization for women under 43-years old. And -- does being tall give you a higher risk for cancer?

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