Episode: Friday July 31st, 2015

One of the biggest challenges for minor sports leagues is retaining referees because of the abuse they suffer. And -- are bullies genetically predisposed to their actions?

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Nearly two-thirds of young referees will quit within their first three seasons. Ron Foxcroft, former NCAA basketball referee and founder of Fox 40, describes the abuse they suffer and offers solutions.

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A new Canadian study says bullying may be an inherited trait and not a product of a person's environment. Tony Volk, psychologist at Brock University, explains.

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UK fashion house Topshop came under fire for its unrealistic mannequins. Are stylized interpretations of the human body offensive?

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Are Canadians heading towards the longest election campaign in modern history? And -- what is life like after someone defects from North Korea?


The tragic death of Guy Mitchell at a group home has led to recommendations to protect vulnerable adults, but will they be implemented? And -- Turkey has joined the fight against ISIS, but will it be the game changer the West hopes for?


Would HOT lanes help solve congestion on the GTA's highways? And -- is Toronto ready to put forward a bid for the 2024 Olympic Games?


We begin a new work-week with our Monday panelists Gerry Nicholls, political blogger and commentator, and Ross McLean, security expert and former Toronto Police officer.

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