Episode: Thursday May 28th, 2015

The Federal election campaign ads have hit the airwaves. We break it down to see who hit/missed the mark. And -- the dangerous 'swatting' pranks are no laughing matter.

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There are definitely winners and losers when it comes to comparing the Federal election campaign ads. We have Tony Chapman, Marketing expert to break down the ads that are hitting the airwaves.

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York police released the Swatting 911 call that dispatched swat teams to a home and traumatized an innocent family. What kind of penalty should the suspect receive?

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Future Toronto police background checks won't disclose any mental health incidents. Is this a good thing?

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Your turn! Your views on inappropriate clothing for high schools. Contact us with your views! Call us: 905-522-1101 EXT.2830 / 1-888-632-6688 EXT.2830 Email us: SquareOff@chch.com or Tweet us: @SquareOffCHCH

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Students & Teachers are back in class but is the school year still in jeopardy? And -- Learn the tricks of the trade in the Real Estate market so you don't lose out every time.


Our resident Doc. Brett Belchetz talks about Lyme disease and timeline for vaccinations. And -- CHCH Anchor Nick Dixon joins us to talk about his exclusive interview with Cpl. Nathan Cirillo's mother Kathy.


It's Panel Monday! Michael Coren, Author/Broadcaster and Greg Anderson, Former Superintendent/Principal and now school trustee debate the hot topics of the day.


After a broad daylight shootout in Hamilton, the Mayor wants to ban guns in the city. And -- We'll soon be paying less for auto insurance, but it's not as rosy as it sounds.

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