Episode: Friday November 21st, 2014

Should MP's be allowed to cross the floor once elected? And -- Ontario Health Coalition says the government is stripping our health care system.

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When you vote for an MP, do you expect them to stay with the party they're affiliated with? Why are they allowed to cross over to the opposition?

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Ontario Health Coalition says our government is stripping away our health care, especially in the Niagara Region.

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A student refuses to be weighed by her school saying it's none of their business. Do you agree?

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Your turn! Your views on fans throwing their Leaf's jersey on ice. Contact us with your views! Call us: 905-522-1101 EXT.2830 / 1-888-632-6688 EXT.2830 Email us: SquareOff@chch.com or Tweet us: @SquareOffCHCH

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How do you make sure your travel health insurance pays out? And -- Why seniors really need a course on sex ed.


Women are not applying to executive positions on purpose? And -- An investigation into recent coyote sightings and attacks.


The most disgusting place in your house... can you guess? And will Ontario balance it's budget in 3 years?


It's Panel Monday! Gerry Nicholls, political commentator and Susan G Cole, Sr. editor with Now Magazine go head to head on issues of the day.

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