Episode: Monday September 29th, 2014


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Welcome to Sportsline!!!

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Blue Jays off-season, David Clarkson injury update, Ryder Cup rewind...

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NFL wrap up, Ticats beat Bombers, Derek Jeter finale

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Eugenie Bouchard, Hebsy awards...


Derek Jeter plays his last game at Yankee stadium and does not fail to impress, Are the Maple Leafs going for more skill and less toughness this season? Europe takes the early lead at the Ryder Cup, Kirk Cousins is intercepted 4-times while Eli Manning throws 4 touchdowns and wait till' you hear about Darko Milicic and his new career!


Was the Blue Jays season a failure? Who will go to the playoffs this year the Leafs or Senators? Bill Simmons gets suspended over his comments regarding Roger Goodell, Did Derek Jeter hurt or help the Yankees this season? Could the Argos have a new home in Mississauga in the near future?


Is Dalton Pompey the future of the Blue Jays? Have the Jays sunk the Mariners hope at the playoffs? The Pirates make the post-season, Is Yasiel Puig's attitude going to be problem for the Dodgers playoff push? Aaron Rodgers tells fans to relax and wait until you see the meltdown of this golfer!


Should the Blue Jays look to trade Jose Bautista this off-season? Should the New York Jets start Michael Vick instead of Geno Smith? The Baltimore Ravens respond to the ESPN report, will David Booth pay dividends for the Maple Leafs? And which Hail Mary was better?

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Who played the longest MLB career under just one manager?