Based on Martha Raddatz’s acclaimed best-selling book of the same name, The Long Road Home is a riveting and intimate portrait of war, and spearheads National Geographic’s major new commitment to producing impactful, fully scripted drama.

The series tells the story of “Black Sunday” and the eight-hour battle in Sadr City, Iraq, on the 4th of April 2004, which followed the ambush of a newly arrived American platoon. Told in real time through the eyes of untested soldiers in combat for the first time, their families anxiously awaiting news on the home front, and ordinary Iraqis trapped in the chaos of war, this compelling and immersive series gives viewers a moving and unforgettable portrait of what it’s really like to go to war.

The Long Road Home take us beyond the myths… the chaos, terror, bonds, sacrifice, loss, hope and heartbreak, and tells an authentic story about ordinary people in extraordinary situations and about who we each become in the forge of war, whether in the thick of battle or waiting at home. With a standout cast and a wide range of impressive off-screen talent at the helm, The Long Road Home is destined to become a landmark, must-see and memorable series about the realities of modern warfare.