A former prosecuting attorney and long-time fan favourite, Judge Mablean Ephriam can bring a courtroom to laughter with her tell-it-like-it-is approach. She is well-known for playing the judge in Tyler Perry’s Madea comedies and a seven year stint on Divorce Court. Now she’s back on TV with her out-of-the-box hit, Justice With Judge Mablean, where she combines her irresistible personality with over 20 years of legal wisdom.


Judge Mablean


Mablean Ephriam, from Hazlehurst, Mississippi, is now known throughout the world as Judge Mablean, since her seven year run as the judge on the FOX television show, Divorce Court. On September 15, 2014, she returned to television as the judge in Justice with Judge Mablean.

Judge Mablean began law school in the Fall of 1974 at Beverly Rubens College of Law (later changed to Whittier College School of Law). She attended law school at night and continued work during the day as a legal secretary. In her third year of law school, she was employed as a Certified Law Clerk in the Criminal Division of the Office of the City Attorney of Los Angeles. There, she researched, wrote and argued criminal misdemeanor appeals before the Appellate Division of the Los Angeles Superior Court. In 1978, she graduated from Whittier College School of Law, earning her Juris Doctor degree.

Judge Mablean began her law career as a Prosecutor in the Criminal Division of the Office of the City Attorney, Los Angeles in November, 1978. During her years as a criminal prosecutor, Judge Mablean was assigned as a filing attorney at the Bauchet Street Division, handling crimes against persons (CAP) filings. Her review of and filing of case involving domestic violence against women, caused her much concern when the victims would call to ask for dismissal of the cases after filing and were reluctant witnesses. It was Judge Mablean’s work in CAP that gave birth to the opening of The Family Law Center on 76th Street and Central Avenue in Los Angeles.

In July, 1982, she opened her own law practice. Her experience and skills gained as a trial attorney while a prosecutor, quickly earned her respect as a trial lawyer in family law court. Judge Mablean, along with her colleagues, Shirley Henderson and Adrienne Konigar, formed a legal entity known as S.E.D.A. (Support Enforcement Division Attorneys) representing men in child support enforcement cases brought by the District Attorney Child Support Enforcement Division. In 2004, Judge Mablean shifted from the practice of law to entertainment and public speaking.