People continue to trespass at Albion Falls

Even with extensive warning signs, barriers, fences and fines, many people continue to climb to Albion Falls.

The precautions are all in an effort to keep people away from dangerous situations; like people taking selfies at the edge of a cliff or others climbing slippery rocks up the falls.

It seems clear that the City of Hamilton’s message isn’t getting through to most people who don’t necessarily hop the surrounding fences but also sneak through a gap in the fence.

City Councillor Sam Merulla pushed for trespassing fines at Albion Falls that can be handed out by bylaw or police officers. Signs at the falls say the maximum penalty is $10,000 but Merulla said offenders would likely only pay $150.

“We’ve had a death here, numerous rescues at the expensive of the tax payer,” Merulla said. “Obviously it’s gotten to the point where it’s a crisis situation.”

Although Merulla said there’s a zero tolerance for trespassers, a Hamilton Police officer was stationed nearby and said she wasn’t handing out any tickets despite seeing many trespassers and handing out warnings.

With the fences and fines, Merulla says the city is trying to keep visitors safe until a more permanent plan is in place.


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Judy says:

No easy answer, and if you come in from below the creek is OK then?

Petey says:

I would go there when I was around 8 years old on my own.
It’s time to stop bubble rapping the world we live in.
People get injured the reason you hear about it more is there are more people visiting than ever.
Tourism is working

stan says:

Fines are a good place to start.

Shameless says:

their fines should cost them more. then and only then will they stop

Cindy says:

So why aren’t the police handing out tickets if there’s a ‘zero tolerance’ I think it would stop this nonsense!?

Ty says:

This is so lame. Everything is dangerous if you spin it that way. I don’t hear anyone pointing out how hords of people are obviously going from the top to the bottom and back up safely without sustaining any harm whatsoever. I’ve used the so called “dangerous trails down” and they’re not dangerous at all. You would have to be drunk or something to get hurt. Tons of people are injured and killed crossing the street, we aren’t going to block off the roads and stop using them. I love hearing the weak excuse of it costing too much tax payer money to rescue people too. It’s a public service. We pay taxes for public services. If someone needs it, then save them and get over it. If there isn’t enough money for public services then why does our government spend over a hundred grand to rent a giant duck? Or maybe we can buy less of those 30 thousand dollar toilet seats? The liberals can flat out lose a billion dollars, who knows where it went but when it comes to a public service this is where we need to save our dollars eh? I bet before cell phones people got stuck all the time up there and all it took was some courage and actually trying to get down because no one was coming to save them and I bet very few of them got injured or died. Maybe Hamilton should stop bragging about all of their waterfalls considering it’s only a matter of time before you can only view any of them from 4 miles away and through a fence. It’s just sad. Who wants to stand at the top and look at a waterfall that’s so far away? Good job Hamilton. You are really good at ruining things for everyone to potentially save the lives of a few individuals who got themselves killed being careless. Yeah it’s all the falls fault. We have to protect people from themselves. Do you know how insulting that sounds? Like we’re all just too stupid to make it on our own without the cities intervention. I know how to walk and climb things without getting hurt thanks. I really appreciate how you took away such a nice picture backdrop from all local photographers because a few people lost their balance. I’m going to go listen to signs by five man electrical band and think of you guys and girls at Hamilton city council.