OSPCA will not charge Beamsville Pet Hoarder

Animal lovers and volunteers are outraged.

After weeks of cleaning up a Beamsville property ridden with cats, both dead and alive, the OSPCA says no charges will be laid against the owner of the animals.

Rescue groups say there is more than enough evidence to lay charges.

Pam Huson with Beamsville 4 Paw Rescue is brought to tears, thinking about all the suffering she has seen over the last three weeks on this property.

Nearly one hundred cats have been rescued, but over 150 others were found dead.

Huson, like all the other volunteers, is outraged by the news that no charges will be laid in this case.

The OSPCA says it does not have enough evidence to charge the tenant that was once living here, but volunteers say that is impossible.

Last week, the OSPCA told CHCH news that they have been on the property every day since December.

Yesterday, the OSPCA said they rescued five cats on the property that showed signs of distress, one that was in such bad condition that it had to be put down. Every other time they’ve been on the property, they have not found any animals who were hurting.

The OSPCA says rescue groups on site have not turned in evidence, such as animals in distress or the dead, but volunteer groups have only been here for the past three weeks.

At the end of the day, volunteers say they would not have done anything differently.

Kittens and many adult cats who were rescued will be up for adoption this weekend at Pet Value in Grimsby.

The OSPCA says hoarding animals is not against the law if the animals are well taken care of, they also said that if evidence showing animals in distress is brought forward, charges could still be laid.


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