Nicola Jones back in studio

Its been a long time since our weather specialist, Nicola Jones left the lights and cameras to begin her battle with cancer, but today she returns to give us an update.


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Steve says:

Nicola keep strong so glad to see you back in the studio and smiling!

don willows says:

please beat this and get back to work we all miss you

Rebecca says:

Beautiful, Love and Light!

Linda says:

What an inspiration!

Susan says:

Praying for you Nicola:)

jen says:

You are so strong Nicola. Its good to see you reach out to others by sharing your battle with cancer.

Dianne C says:

When chch has it’s 75th year on the air, Annette & Nicola can do a remember when segment & celebrate the beating of cancer and being a published author

Dave Creeden says:

Good to see her back, all the best in your journey

Lynda says:

Keep Strong
Keep Fighting

Eileen librock says:

Wish her luck

David Hollinshead says:

Nice to see you back Nicola! Hugs and prayers….

Tammy says:

You look wonderful Nicola ! You are such a strong person and such an inspiration to others !!

Patty says:

god bless you

Boots says:

Inspiring woman! Keep strong. Prayers are with you.

Superdave says:

Good For You !

angie says:

Nicola, you are so right. Faith is a big factor in dealing with any health issue. Take each day one at a time and allow yourself that sad moment when it comes,but then shke it off and carry on, there is always someone worse off. My prayers and good thoughts are with you. Good luck and keep the faith.

JoanA says:

I have kept you and your son in my prayers and am overjoyed to hear that you on the road to good health once more

Barb says:

Nicola you are an inspiration to so many people you don’t need to have cancer I can’t wait to read your book and your journey of healing god bless you

Barb says:

Nicola nice to see you on CHCH I hope you return soon we miss our smiling face.

Debbie & Brian says:

Best wishes we miss you Nicola our prayers are with you at this time & in your future

Carlos says:

welcome back girl!!!

Branka says:

So happy to see Nicola looking strong and always smiling. Sending hugs!

Debbi says:

I always knew that positivity makes a difference, but Nicola has proven it hands down. All the best and keep smiling beautiful lady!

Julie R. says:

I’m praying for you Nicola! Keep being strong.