Mom: teacher made kid eat garbage

(Updated) The Children’s Aid Society is investigating a teacher at a French Catholic elementary school.

It was launched after parents learned their daughter in grade three was being forced to eat food pulled out of a garbage can.

It started with a strange email exchange last week between Jordan Stewart and her daughter’s teacher, Renee Oettershagen, who was trying to find out who in the class had thrown away a banana. Then it got more strange.

“A big, ‘aha we caught her’. I told her we called her mommy, her friends caught her throwing it out, it’s her banana.”

Uneasy, Stewart sent her mother Ann Marie Stewart to the school and got the story from her daughter over the phone. “She then peeled the banana with her bare hands that had been in the garbage can, broke off a piece, ate it, then instructed my granddaughter to eat the rest of the banana.”

“I said, ‘was it a bad banana?’ She said ‘yeah, there was black all over but don’t worry mommy, i used my instincts and ate around the black spots.'”

As soon as they heard, the Stewarts drove here to St Marie School in Simcoe to speak to officials, but say they weren’t taken seriously.

“In walks the teacher, who said, “I was only trying to teach her good food values, not to waste food, and that you shouldn’t throw food into the garbage.'”

“It is the most bizarre, abhorrent thing I could ever think of doing to a child.”

The next day they met with the principal.

“It’s just a banana! I said, ‘is that your official position, it’s just a banana, not malicious? yes!'”

To the Stewarts, it’s not just a banana — it’s food safety.

“Odor-creating chemicals, disgusting kleenexes, glue, lead, paint, what else was in there?”

And it turned out to not just be a banana. Another incident involved a sandwich. After the Stewarts called the Children’s Aid Society, they learned more.

“This has been an ongoing issue with just my granddaughter, where she is isolated, humiliated, and fed food from the garbage can. I am shocked.”

The CAS said eating from garbage had become normal for the eight year old — something her family has had to counter.

“She’s hurt, upset, confused that her teacher made her do something wrong.”

“How dare one human being teach another human that that is all they’re worth.”

The teacher was a long-term substitute hired when the original teacher got sick, but she quit the Halton school board in 2012 after two failed reviews of her work and she currently faces a hearing — although she’s allowed to teach in the meantime.

The school board says it can’t comment while the CAS is investigating. They were in meetings all day at the school that will continue tomorrow.


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Brandon says:


It was sort of on Top, it was above the rim!

Crystal says:

In all honesty even if it was a good banana, it could have become brown while getting bumped around in the lunch bag. I can’t tell you how many times I have sent a perfectly yellow banana to school with my kids, only to have them bring it home because it turned brown in their bag, before they got to eat it.

Ruth Veldstra says:

I would like to know what condition the banana was in when she took it from home? Was it rotten(ing) from home? If that’s the case, then the Mom should be held responsible. If it was a perfectly good banana the teacher should have removed the banana from garbage and told the student to take it back home with her!

Genea Hysen says:

If the teacher had such a problem with it and wanted to teach the lesson of not wasting food, she could have provided a bin for the kids to put unwanted food in and allowed others to take from it who may have still been hungry or not had a lunch. They could also have put the bin in the school office for any other children to be able to access.

Kim Hogan says:

This teacher is disgusting! I am not condoning throwing out food. But once that food is in the garbage it could be contaminated. Did the teacher buy the food? What she should have done is contacted the parents, and also sat down and talked with the kids about the waste of food. She deserves a good swift kick in the backside for doing something so blatantly disgusting.

Getagrip! says:

Unfortunately this is what our education system has deteriorated to, where parents are so QUICK to lay blame on teachers. I’m sure there is more to this story that is NOT being published. For example, was the banana whole and unpeeled when it was picked out of the garbage. Perhaps the garbage was a fresh bag, with nothing else in there? Regardless, the teacher was merely trying to prove to all the children that food is NOT for wasting! All children should be sent home with the food uneaten in their lunch. That way parents know what they are consuming. Lets all get a grip on reality. Teaching is not easy, and in today’s society the teachers are not backed up by parents, or school boards in fear of lawsuits. Its a shame, and our children’s futures will suffer for it. Children of today have a sense of “entitlement”, which will indeed come back to haunt their parents. Stop and think. All this hype over a BANANA!! Get a grip!!!

Shelli Murney says:

Really people…. “was the garbage empty?” “was the banana peeled?” I can’t believe you are asking these things. The main point here is that the banana was thrown out and the teacher made the kid eat it. It is wrong. If the kid is wasting food…. it happens… parents can’t control what is going on at school so we depend on these teachers to make the RIGHT decisions and take care of our children, keep them safe. This is ridiculous. Especially the person (probably not a parent) that defends the teacher. This is wrong, not only for a techer but for a parent too. Nobody should be forcing a child to eat out of the garbage. I work in the food industry and honestly, you have no idea how much bacteria could have been on that banana after it was thrown out. Even if it was in the peel the child would have had to pick it up (contaminating their hand), then peel the banana (probably touching the peeled banana with their bare hand, which also contaminates it), and then eat it and throw it back out. The bacteria that could have been transfered onto the hand could have made the child very sick. Also, what if something in that garbage (that could have come into contact with the banana) was a sever allergen for that child. There is a reason that children are not allowed to share or change items in their lunch anymore. Actual parents would know this. Allergies are so terrible these days that anyone could have a sever reaction. The main thing is that these are things the teacher might not have known and if the child actually did get sick and even had a sever reaction to an allergen you would all be saying something different. This was wrong for the teacher to do. They should have contacted the parent and delt with it properly. Unfortunately there are a lot more teachers like this out there and as parents we need to keep a closer eye on our children, even at school. Making our job harder as parents…

spunky says:

I think YOU need to “get a grip” … If you would have read the story properly, you would have known that the banana was not the only thing fed to her out of that garbage, and it was on more than one occasion… Also, as for the banana, it says it was unpeeled, it says the teacher pealed it and then broke a piece off and ate some of it and then made the child eat some. As for your comment of “perhaps the garbage was a fresh bag” Do you know they put strong anti bacterial chemicals in garbage bags so that the food doesn’t start decomposing and create maggots too soon… I doubt that YOU would eat anything, or at least I would hope not… As for parents supporting teachers, I support them at 100%, WHEN and only WHEN the teacher makes sense… If anyone, including teachers would feed food to my kids that came from the garbage…I would have them FIRED!!!

Nic says:

Seriously? The parents are quick to lay blame on the teacher, because that’s where the blame lies! The teacher had no right at all to make that young child eat out of a garbage can. Yes, she could have asked her to take it home, she could have requested a meeting with the parents if she had concerns, she could have started teaching the kids about food waste, but she is NOT entitled to make a young child eat from a garbage can in front of her peers. The hype is not over the banana, it is over the fact that this teacher, with no thought to her own employment guidelines, asked her student to do something unsafe and degrading.

Lockedemosthenes says:


Ruth says:

Just because you like to eat out of the garbage doesn’t mean civilized people have to as well. Teacher will be sued. Class action likely coming up. Just wait and see. I would have fed that teacher my boot after stepping on dog dung.

Sandra D Berkel says:

This is child endangerment. Bullying a kid to eat garbage?? This would scar me for life. What was this teacher thinking?? Why wouldn’t she just call her parents and let them know what she saw. I really hope this little girl isn’t in class with a teacher like this still. How can you learn and focus on a teacher who puts you down like this. This affects the child’s ability to learn in a safe environment. If this happened to me I’d ask this teacher come no where near my child ever again and maybe get a order for a distance this teacher needs to stay away from my child. This just blows my mind. I hope the teacher is at least suspended. I’d call the teacher’s board and report

Davina says:

Although I agree that food should not be wasted, I don’t believe the method the teacher used to teach about waste was correct. It is not up to a teacher to decide a punishment for waste. This is the parents responsibility. Perhaps a more appropriate approach would have been to allow the child to throw out the banana and send a note home or call the parent to advise them of the waste. I do agree that there may be more to this story than what has been told. At best, this teacher should be reprimanded for poor judgement in solving the issue, unless it can be proven that this is not an isolated incident.

Ruth says:

The teacher can teach her own children (as if she has any) not to waste food. She has no right to educate other children about that. Religious people always thinks they are higher than God. Pathetic. School Board is negligent for hiring a teacher with an open case for inappropriate behaviour. This teacher is not interested in teaching. This teacher wants to bully little children in order to feel better about herself. Anyone who defends should expect karma to come back at their own children.

K mitchell says:

Whatever happened to the 5 second rule….There is soooo much food that is wasted, while people are literally starving. I’m sure there is substance to this story!! If it was my kid I would have said “why did you throw that in the garbage, give it to someone who wants it” or bring it home – we’ll make banana bread. More taxpayers money wasted – she’s probably suing.

Kevin says:

I do not now, ‘nor will I EVER condone or endorse a teacher thinking they can teach a lesson by making someone eat food from a garbage container, yes the child should have been sent home with it still in her lunch, but never should she have been forced to eat it. If the teacher feels this strongly about something, they have proper channels they must go through to change the teaching methods used. I for one am not now ‘nor will I ever be a teacher. I do respect the job that they do, but this way WAY over the top!

Ashley says:

This is disgusting. If a student throws something out of his/her lunch than that is between the student and the parent NOT the school teacher. Its not just hype over a banana, the fact that this situation happens shows that this teacher clearly gets enjoyment out of having authority over young children and therefore believes that she can make orders based on her opinion. This is where teachers start before they stem out to other forms of abuse such as sexually exploiting children. A child could get sick from eating something that was thrown in the garbage. Who knows what the contents in the garbage were — kleenex with boogers on it, old rotten food etc..If this happened to my daughter I would be removing her from this class immediately and asking the school to terminate the teacher.

Getabrain! says:

Are you serious??? this is not about a BANANA …this is about making a kid do something that is 100% wrong…it’s disgusting that anyone, let alone someone who has a degree in teaching to make someone take any food from a garbage can and eat it!!!. It’s not only unhealthy its emotionally degrading. Wake up people you would not want your child or even your dog to eat out of a garbage can. Hopefully the other kids were not witness to this issue. In my thoughts this is very damaging to the child and really hope that this get corrected. This is a total disgrace and hard to imagine it even happened and more than once…good grief!!! this sounds like a power trip teacher to me… not wasting food issue.

Smarten Up!
Get a brain!!!

will says:

It was an unopened banana and when they are open food they are told to bring then home you are not aloud to share food in schools.
Parents need to take more responsibility. I have three kids at school. The teachers will do a great job when the parents won’t back what they do or won’t discipline their own children what do you expect them to do. It makes it very hard for them to teach the children that you want to learn.

HomesteadMama says:

No child should be made to eat anything out of a garbage no matter how clean the garbage can is. This teacher could and should have handled it very differently!

blindboy says:

Getagrip. You need to get a grip. You’re right the education system has deteriorated. But the problem is that teachers think they have the authority to force a child to eat a discarded banana, just because they happen to think its wasteful. It’s really none of their business. If they are concerned, they should discuss it with the parents. It’s an abuse of authority, bullying a child to eat food from the trash. If anyone tried to make me eat a banana I had decided to discard, they would require a good proctologist in order to extract the banana for eating.

Seriously Donn? says:

When is it ever acceptable to impose your own values on your classroom children? Teach them the curriculum and supervise their lunchtime. If you don’t agree with them throwing out part of their lunch and want to keep it for yourself than by all means pick it out of the garbage like a bum and take it home and make bread – do NOT make them eat something they discard. How do you defend the teacher in this situation at all Donn? How do you insult the mother for informing the town what this teacher is doing? if MY child were in this class I would have pulled him out the minute I heard this and not returned until a qualified teacher was put in place. When my sister was in grade 4 her teacher used to bet the kids their pants (pull them down in front of the whole class) if they didn’t get a math question right. This was back in the 70’s. She was the ONLY child that told her parents. My father lost his mind and went to the school and had this teacher fired and charged and he eventually was convicted of child abuse. I see no difference here. Perhaps teachers should start sticking to the curriculum and leaving their own personal issues at home. Politics, religion, lifestyle choices…. all should be up to parents NOT the teachers. and Donn, she’s not wasting time of CAS they are a waste of their own time hiring the type of staff they have for minimum wages….And they aren’t allegations Donn, this happened!. It’s abuse, period.

Donn says:

This mother is ridiculous. My daughter is in this class and I know the policy they have. You don’t eat your junk till you eat your fruit. Some kids don’t want that so they throw whole unopened fruit in the garbage. The teacher does exactly what I would want. She makes them take responsibility for the food THEIR PARENTS send…this mother send that banana to school to be eaten not to be thrown out whole- and it was sealed and unopened. What do these parents expect? If your kid doesn’t like bananas, don’t send them…if you do, do you not expect it to be eaten by said child? These parents are undermining good teachers who deal with difficult children everyday who push the limits all the time cause their parents let them run wild…then you’re going to cry child abuse? Please. This mother is doing nothing but wasting the valuable time of the school, Children’s Aid Society and news programs. As a parent who is involved in the school I am appalled by these allegations.

sam says:

I don’t care who you are or what your reason is. No one besides my husband or myself has any right to force my child to eat anything!

W.K. Phibbs says:

Brandon, adjacent to refuse is refuse.

Cheryl Gauthier says:

I was a lunch room supervisor for many years and if a child didn’t want to eat his or her lunch, we never forced them to.
The point of this issue is a supply teacher forced a child to eat something the child had thrown in the garbage. Regardless of what it was that was forced on the child, humiliation is not part of the school curriculum and no teacher has the right to do this to any student! We have anti-bullying campaigns throughout our schools here in Ontario and what this teacher did was bullying at its best and completely reprehensible! I definitely feel she should be disciplined!
It is a privilege to be able to teach not your right! Our children look up to their teachers as Mentors, people who mold and shape them for their future in the world and people they should be able to turn to for help…our school system needs a serious overhaul and we need to rid ourselves of those who are just in it for a paycheck!
Why not give the tax payers back the taxes they pay for schooling and let the parents decide where and who will educate their children.

SaraC says:

I totally agree with Getagrip. I heard on the radio that it was in it’s peel when it went in the garbage and she peeled it, age some herself, and then gave the rest to the student. The kid shouldn’t be throwing out perfectly good food, at least take it home. It wasn’t the teacher’s place but this is a huge deal over nothing. The mother was talking about how it caused her daughter all this stress and embarrasment, but I think that’s just because the mom is making such a HUGE thing over nothing.

mike peterson says:

Wow. Regardless weather the trash bin was empty or not does not justify this action. If a parent did this they would have there child removed from there care do to safety concerns maybe even charged for indangering a childs life. Teachers dont het supported due to actions like this and other troubling things they have been reported for doi g. Sure wasting food is bad but this is worst and anyone that is willing to back athe teacher need to realize waste of objects is not a crime

Lori McMinn says:

Glad to see some rational comments: the entitlement kids feel today they learn from the parents who were probably taught to feel entitled themselves! And I am always super suspicious when I see STRONG language used in headlines: forced to eat garbage – PLEASE! A bruised banana – it’s a matter of opinion whether that is garbage or not. The outrage that some people are displaying over this shows their bias against teachers and against rational thinking and parenting.

Veronica Donovan says:

That is perfect.
(no sarcasm 😉 )

liz says:

Omg! I can’t believe everyone is missing the most important lesson here. What a horrible humilating experience for that poor little girl to have. Being made to stand up in front of her class, eating her banana while her classmates watched! What kind of teasing and bullying will happen behind the scenes? I think that teacher was being a BULLY herself!!!!

natalie says:

wow…really? she is a child ! its a BANANA, it shouldn’t matter if she wanted it or not. a garbage is for things that are unwanted. not to be taken back out and forced to be eaten. a mother should not be held responsible for black spots on a banana. EVERYONE on earth knows that bananas turn black VERY quickly ! could’ve turned that colour over the day while she was sitting in class from the warm backpack. don’t you DARE say its OKAY to make a CHILD eat from a GARBAGE ! sickkkk people in this world ! if I ever hear ANYTHING happen to my daughter, I will sue and fight for the life of me that something be done ! I would take her right out of school and not be made to be humiliated infront of her entire class ! sickening !

Dave says:

Getagrip, what the hell are you talking about? You have no idea what you just said. Garbage is garbage, not a learning tool like what everybody else said. There are a lot of other reasons to prove a point then to make your kid eat garbage. Plus this is not the first time this teacher has been investigated. The extra food bin in the class for kids that need food is a great idea
ps this was not the first time this happened I’m sure it was not always a banana.

A says:

Ok people…you keep saying it’s just a Banana! It doesn’t matter what it was it was in the garbage! If you threw something out at your place of work and you were told you had to take it out and eat it would you? Of course not it was in the garbage! This is a form of bullying…why because the child was told she HAD to! Weather the banana was ripe or rotten doesn’t matter either it went in the garbage and that’s where it should of stayed!

Audrey MacQueen says:

I TOTALLY agree with Ruth Veldstra. If the banana was “inedible”, why did the mom send it??? Perhaps the mom had sent this “food item” the day before, also!!!!! To say the teacher “made her eat garbage” is NOT true!!!!

Amanda says:

A banana? Really? People have nothing better to do than complain about a banana. Absurd.

Ellen Kocik says:

I can’t believe anyone would condone a child being fed out of the garbage regardless if it was a clean bag, empty bag or not, Garbae is garbage, and from reading the above comments I would say most of you did not continue reading the article. this is an on going issue involving the CAS now, where this child has been forced to eat numerous times out of the garbage. Shame on anyone who condones this!!!!

TL says:

I totally agree with Ellen Kocik. If it’s in the garbage can, its garbage. Period. End of Story. This poor child has been humiliated and bullied and my guess is that she isn’t the only one this miserable excuse for a teacher has done it to. I don’t understand how the school board allows her to continue teaching after TWO failed reviews in the past couple of years. Come on people, there is just something not right about that.

Tania says:

It is there obligation to TEACH our children and healthy eating may be a subject but at the end of the day it is none of their business what a child eats or doesn’t eat, all you can do is encourage them. How dare that teacher humiliate a child like that. Maybe she should eat garbage that the students throw out. I would keep pushing and have her charged for sure. Disgraceful; hope you never teach again

John Swales says:

I would sue the school board, it is not the role of the teacher to do any of these things. It is called abuse, child abuse. The comment out here are unbelievable.This teacher was bullying. I am shaking my head with these comments.

Lisa says:

Hey Getagrip! maybe you should watch the news before commenting on one banana …… clearly it states this has happened several times and the child was signaled out in front of the class !!!! It’s NOT UP TO ANY TEACHER to force a child to eat. Other schools simply tell students to take back home what they don’t eat, which then lets the parent know what THEY’RE child is eating. The parent can then decide if they feel THEY’RE child is eating enough ! Shame on this teacher and Kudos to the parents for getting something done about it !!!

jj says:

Love how they mentioned they went to the board and were not taken seriously. How many times have I heard that one? They’re disgusting they always stick together and NEVER allow or accept blame to themselves. Sickening!!!

jj says:

Regardless… her job is to teach abc’s not to make a child pick food from the trash. I think it would be fair to leave it there and provide communication to the parent regarding the issue!! I know as a parent I’d love to know if my kid is throwing away lunches that I pay for!! I had an incident with my son throwing away his lunch because he told me so himself and I taught him not to and explained why… I’d be FURIOUS if I found out the teacher made him pick it out and eat it no matter what it was!!!!!!

And GOOD for this parent because some of these teachers get away with sooo much mentally abusive bs to these kids, talk down to them, and demean them and nobody believes them because they’re “just kids”… nobody takes them seriously and when you complain about a teacher’s conduct… the principal is not there but is always absolutely certain there’s noooo way this could be possible and you get nowhere!!! Shame on that pig… I hope she is force fed GARBAGE like that DEFENCELESS child was. You know she damn well would’ve reconsidered that “teaching a lesson” if the parents were present. Sickening!!!

Heather says:

If that was my child I would be raising a stink too! That was absolutely disgusting! Clean garbage bag or not still doesn’t make it OK for this teacher to do such a thing. It’s the parents job to teach their children about “wasting food”, I mean did she pay for that food? No! So what does she care?! She should have sent that banana home with the child if it really bothered her THAT MUCH … good grief … such a SAD world we live in ….

Wanda says:

I am sick and tired of people of “authority” getting away with this BS. It’s just as bad as the Catholic Church ~ let them resign from one job just to shuffle them off to some other unsuspecting community. It’s bullying and humiliating. It’s a case for the Human Rights Commission and or legal action. FIRED!!!! and class action lawsuit against the Board of Education

jenny says:

I can not believe how disgusting that teacher is !!! She should be fired and not trusted with little impressionable kids,, she is lucky it wasn’t my little boy!!

ce says:

Ok Getagrip… so it would be ok for me to pull food from the garbage and make you eat it and humiliate you in front of your peers???!! The problem is children are not given the same respect as adults…. there is a proper way to handle every situation and this teacher, regardless if there is more to the story or not did not handle this situation well at all. I’m guessing either you are not a parent or maybe are a teacher yourself? It also stated this was not the first time the teacher did this to the same child? A form of bullying or harassment I would say…. but I guess that’s ok because she is a respectable teacher? ?

Dan says:

Since when do parents who have complaints about something like this get to speak on camera on the news without the other side being shared too? Jumping to conclusions is all I’m hearing in this article. Why are the parents not at least agreeing with how wrong it is to throw out food? Only jumping at the chance to blast the teacher. I wonder what starving people and those who dumpster dive on purpose or to survive are thinking? A black banana? Probably black on the peel. But who knows the truth since only the parents are allowed to tell their story. Must have been good enough to eat if the teacher had some. Make banana bread. Send the banana home and prevent the repeated wastefulness. Does a grade three use the word instincts? Are all CAS cases aired on the news? Maybe wait until it’s resolved. Then share the real news. Losing respect for CHCH when I see this kind of story getting the royal treatment.

valerie says:

Sounds like the teacher was power tripping on a child. The teacher made a big deal over a banana not the child’s family. Kudos to the family for supporting the child.

Just Wow says:

If the teacher was trying to teach a lesson about wasting food she could have eaten it herself. Once the banana was in the garbage it was not her place to tell the child to eat it. She could tell the parents that their daughter has been throwing away part of her lunch if it is a pattern. Kids have thrown away parts of their lunches for generations. It is not just today’s society. Anorexia was huge in the 80’s.

diane says:

Did you people not watch the news?? This teacher is up for a hearing now on other things, she should not be teaching ! Agreeing that this is okay from some i am thinking your also teachers or know this woman as a friend . You definitely are not parents, I would shove a banana down that teachers throat if she did that to my child .

Cheryl Fawcett says:

Well I am a mom and a grandmother to many grandchildren. I will tell you this this teacher should be fired. I mean, come on, you’re still letting her teach? What is wrong with the school board? No matter how you look at it, there is no way the teacher should have done this, plus i always thought the boards were kind of strict and did a very good background check on their staff. Guess I was wrong. But I feel that maybe she should be fed food out of the garbage and she how she likes it. But I have a big problem with her still teaching and let me tell you this I would not be sending any grandchild of mine to that teacher. What, is the school going to go call the CAS on me? Go ahead! I will see the school and the teacher and the CAS in court. This is just wrong I mean something is very wrong with this teacher if she had to quit her job in Halton. She needs to be fired without pay. Getagrip! says: ‘Wow and you are making up excuses for this teacher like really guess you must work for the board just saying’

Maggie says:

Not just a banana, a sandwich as well, and only this child, and only she had thrown something out, this is bullying at its worst, an authority figure who you are told to listen to, taking advantage of a child, absolutely disgusting, nothing anyone can say to defend this woman who clearly allowed power to go to her head, if this was done at home the parents would be fighting CAS for visitation because the child would have been apprehended, fire that teacher, she should not be allowed near children.

Tonya says:

My daughter is 16 and they have a basket set out for people to put unwanted fruits in. Anyone still hungry is able to take from the basket.

Dana says:

@Ruth Veldstra Who cares what the condition of the banana was when it left the house or when it got to the school. If the teacher was that concerned about the banana not being eaten or food being wasted, send a note home. @ Getagrip Are you kidding me? At no time and under no circumstance is it acceptable to make a child eat food out of a garbage can. Peeled or unpeeled, fresh bag or not it doesn’t matter. A teacher has no right to do that. Did the teacher buy the food? If I pay for food and my kid wastes it that is my business not his teachers. This has nothing to do with a child’s sense of entitlement it is basic human rights. However if you are ok with someone telling you to eat food out of the garbage then all the power to you. Lots of dumpsters available for your dining pleasure.

Siobhan lockrey says:

OK look that is just disgusting. I am know double thinking whether to home-school my daughter. That little girl could have gotten food poisoning, that is cross-contamination with other products. I would sue this teacher and the school board if I was this child’s mother. How can they let someone like this come into a school and be around kids? This is a form of child abuse, this affects a child emotionally and mentally and could affect her physicaly. This is ridiculous. There is a right and wrong way to do things with kids and this was definitely the wrong way to deal with this situation. I could think of at least 10 diffrent ways this teacher could have delt with this situation and not one of them. Is mean okay? So who ever thinks this is right is just plain ol’ stupid.

nancy says:

This makes me sad that people commenting on this would even for a split second think it’s okay to feed a kid something out of a garbage can, period. Clean fresh bag or not, that’s humiliating for the child. If someone did that to my child, I’ll be damned it would be the last thing they did.

Heather Longhurst says:

“All this hype over a banana……get a grip”. I think you are failing to grasp that the teacher in this case overstepped. She had no right to pull food out of a garbage can and force a child to eat it. This is not an instance of a teacher being picked on. This is an instance of a teacher being a bully. Teachers definitely have a difficult job, but it still does not give them the right to behave the way this one did.

andrew says:

Kid should have put the banana back in her school bag, and let it rot for several days, stinking up everything and creating a pasty unrecognizable goo. THat is what I would have done.

These parents need a reality check, the teacher was trying to do her job. Not ideal, but I agree – get a grip (also, this headline was atrocious – it could have been “teacher and parent at odds over banana”, or “teacher tries to instill food values with controversial method”, or “parents freak out over petty crap and we are printing story because it will create lots of comments”.

Kloe Myke says:

I used to go to that school! I changed two weeks ago and it is not the first time they have done that before!

amanda says:

Just a banana!! Get a grip!!! What about the sandwich? Do people not understand what that can do for a child’s self esteem. Centering out a child is wrong in any case…that’s plain bullying, she is a teacher NOT the parent and has no rights what so ever to do what she did. How would you feel if your teacher did that to you and you were known as the garbage picker/eater, this is another reason why kids end up committing suicide. I agree with Genea, there should be a bin for unwanted food for those kids who don’t have a lunch.

AMY says:

You’re all missing something here, and the article was written in a way to force one to think all about the banana incident – this child has been made to eat other food out of the garbage over a period of time. If it were just the banana, no biggie; I think the child should eat it – not out of the garbagey hands of that teacher who had opened and then touched the banana herself of course. But read the last part – this teacher has been centering out this one child and making her eat food from the garbage, demeaning and insulting the child before her peers.

Forget the banana, see the rest.

Someone needs a holiday! says:

Someone needs to give the parent’s head a shake to take this to CHCH as if this is news. It’s badgering and harassment against the teacher. Just listen to the mother with her oversensitivity and posturing. There was no actual harm done. Kids put all sorts of things in their mouth at a much earlier age and don’t get sick. There’s more to this story likely that isn’t being told, about the mother. Who is she? A chronic complainer? Easily offended? Someone needs a holiday to a third world country. Then see this in perspective.

Tinlizzy says:

What was the quote “It’s the most bizarre, abhorant thing I could think of doing to a child”. Clearly, no one in this country thinks about the child sex trade, starvation, war, land mines or all the real problems many children are exposed to everyday. Save the media coverage for the truely “abused” in this world- this constant first world drama is what’s sickening!

Splash says:

I can’t believe any Catholic parent would tolerate such abuse! Oh, but wait….

Splash says:

How could this kid get food poisoning from an un-peeled banana? Child abuse? Really? If you’re going to sue the teacher and school board; what kind of parenting are you giving your children? Will they grow up to sue everyone and everything that prevents them from getting their own way in this world? You’re setting your kid up for a cruel reality.

Splash says:

I can’t believe that something that could have easily been dealt with, one on one with the teacher, has brought in the C.A.S.! Do you people have any idea what these workers in the C.A.S. have to deal with? Their time and resources are limited and wasting their time on such a trivial matter is ridiculous! Society has come to expect parenting as the state’s responsibility and then threatens to sue if they don’t like what their children are taught? I’d be more concerned with the priest with the banana, than the teacher. You send your kid to Catholic school, with full knowledge of what this church has done to kids in the past, and freak out because they were asked not to waste food? Give your head a shake. You’re setting your kids up for a cruel reality when they become adults.

Donn says:

So shocked at the responses from the overzealous “first world” people. Anyone from a society other than the entitled one we live in would be ashamed of you. People every day are starving to death…we SHOULD be teaching our kids not to waste. I feel it could have been dealt with differently, as in, any uneaten food should be sent home with kids so parents know what their kids are eating and not eating…but this has gone way too far. This child was not singled out and it was not made to be a big deal, and the idea that the teacher made her take her perfectly good unopened banana out of the garbage is the right thing to do. I asked my daughter about it, who is in this class and her opinion was that the kids that throw out good food are being wasteful and shoudnt do it. And the idea that the teacher was ffeeding the kid garbage is nonsense, the mom sent the food that day! The kid threw it out, the teacher took it out right away…she seems to be trying to help the families not spend money on food just to be wasted. But this lady seemed like a rich snooty one who doesn’t mind throwing foodout..take a trip to Africa lady and get your priorities straight!

Krissy says:

I’m no catholic….but….

If you forgive those who sin against you, your heavenly Father will forgive you. – Matthew 6:14

Just some food for thought

Leanne says:

Regardless of what this teacher was trying to “teach”, that’s not her job, nor her responsibility! That is a lesson that should be taught by parents, if they choose to teach that lesson. And not to mention the public humiliation that little girl must have felt. Let’s be honest, living in a smaller town, we go to school with the same people for many years. This is something that won’t likely leave this poor child.
Shame on this teacher! I would lose it on her if that were my son. There is clearly a reason she failed 2 reviews with the Halton school board. Should she really have been hired elsewhere?…

Get the Point says:

In any other workplace, this would be dealt with under the workplace violence and harassment law with actual repercussions. But, because this involves a teacher, a school board and union, more under the rug sweeping will take place! Good luck to this family, I would hope there would be more people behind them!

Natalie says:

Of course the teacher is to blame – this is not teaching – and what worries me even more that after two horrible reviews and not being allowed to teach in Halton she can easily move from school board to school board – is there no communication between boards so a teacher can’t move from board to board – with all the teachers out there looking for jobs why does someone like this still have a job??

Ker says:

This is a load of nonsense… the teacher never did these things

spinster says:

She is lucky it is not my kid, her head would be in the garbage can and forced to lick the bottom – stupid b##ch

Come on says:

Ok I am a kid I was scrolling down when I saw this all that I can say is that this is not right but still it is something we should understand, I like what donn said still this is something we should understand then forget this is no our business so good luck to the family but stop I bet that the teacher is already upset enough!!

Andrew T H says:

Definitely a load of nonsense. The kid was being taught responsibilities of which the parents are not. Her grandmother and mother sound like they are Just teaching their child to be an ignorant member of society. Can’t wait to see the next generation in this family. Teach your children real values.

Gina says:

I cannot believed you are all fighting over whether the banana was bad or not BEFORE it went in the garbage. Would any of you eat out of the garbage? How about it if it was your child being BULLIED by this teacher would you really feel the same? Not only was it a banana but a sandwich and who knows what else. This so called woman should be charged for bullying a young child that she was supposed to be teaching and protecting while the parents are not there as well as being fired and not allowed to be around young children in a teaching environment. The BOARD OF EDUCATION need to STOP PROTECTING these so called TEACHERS and start protecting our CHILDREN!!!! So what if it hurts your so called PRIDE this is not about pride this is about all of our CHILDREN BEING SAFE AT SCHOOL!!! This includes teachers and students alike,,,STOPE THE BULLYING, THE LYING TO PROTECT THE WRONG PARTIES and START HELPING THE INNOCENT!!!