Main st. potholes problems

Potholes on Main west in front of McMaster University are so bad that city bus drivers launched a workplace refusal. They won’t drive down Main west, until it’s a safer and less physically demanding workplace.

Drivers who use Hamilton’s Main street are taking their frustration out on social media. But according to the experts at Active Green & Ross, who have seen the damage that potholes can do to a vehicle, the only thing drivers can do is try to go around the potholes if you can, otherwise go slowly.

“When that suspension drops down six inches and you’re doing 60-70 km an hour, you’re going to damage your suspension way early.” Cameron Brookhouse, Active Green & Ross.

The city says the problem is several years of bad weather, damaging the foundations of the road. Workers are all hands on deck patching the holes but sometimes in this weather, it only lasts for a few days.

“We’re going to have to find a solution that gets us from today, to when the LRT construction starts.” Dan McKinnon, Hamilton Public Works.

Public Works is putting together some options for the city. They hope to have the pot holes fixed temporarily and well enough to get the busses back on Main street by tomorrow.


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puzzeled1 says:

Amazing it takes the bus drivers to do what should be done in the first place. We that drive a car pay $120 dollars a year to fix these roads so why aren’t they being fixed. Where is the money going that’s my question.