Hamilton psychic expo

Tarot cards, crystal balls and palm readings are all a part of a psychic’s tool box.

Charlotte Szivak knew she had a special gift when she was just 4-years old.

“I could always see angels and fairies but I didn’t think it was serious. When i started to see accidents and horrific things i started to pay attention.”

Now she uses the gift to help others.

“Sometimes you need a little clarification and you want that guidance.”

“When i see a lightbulb come on in someone’s eyes its like I’ve done my job. It’s very rewarding,” says psychic medium Patricia Brown.

As for those who think it’s all hocus pocus..

“Bring them on, I love them when they come. We are all entitled to our opinion,” says Szivak

The expo continues until October 27 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Hamilton Convention Centre for those who want to take a shot at having their fortune told.


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