Halton Hills has a big pig


A couple in Halton Hills are the owners of a rather unusual house pet. They own a 400 pound pig named Esther. The pair first thought they were getting a “mini pig”. which would weigh no more than 50 pounds. But 18 months and many growth spurts later, Esther is just a regular member of the family.

Esther is nearly two-years old and she loves treats. When her owners Steve and Derek brought her home, she was just a tiny little thing. Now she’s huge, but they love every pound of her.


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Loraine Speck says:

LOVE LOVE LOVE. I love that these men recognized the lifetime commitment of caring for a non-human family member. I loved that they were able to connect Ester with all the other farm pigs that are not given any loving care and make the decision to stop eating all animals (and their secretions). Such a great story. Thank you CHCH for covering this.

Sue Taylor says:

This is a great story, Esther is an amazing ambassador for pigs everywhere. The contrast between her life and the life of a factory farmed pig is heartbreaking. Female pigs are kept immobile in farrowing crates, unable to see the sun, breathe the fresh air, root in the earth and graze the grass, as they would do naturally. Pigs are naturally extremely clean animals, keeping great distances between where they eat, sleep & defecate/urinate, yet in factory farm conditions they are warehoused by the thousands & forced to lay in their own filth. Please think about those poor intelligent souls and think about Esther the next time you prepare your meals.

Sharon Brown says:

January 21, 2014. AWESOME STORY!

Thank you so much CHCH TV for covering such an awesome story!
It’s so wonderful to see that there are people out there that have compassion for animals like this. Even though the pig ended up larger than the couple expected, they kept her and still gave her a loving home. It’s also wonderful of them to stop eating pig flesh and other animals, having realized that they are intelligent, feel emotions, and want to live just as much as humans do. It’s been scientifically proven that pigs have the closest DNA to humans of all mammals, so eating them is rather sickening. By the way, cows also feel emotion, care for their young, and get attached to humans, and don’t want to be thought of as food. Humans disguise this as ‘beef’ to justify eating them.

You are ‘right on’ Sue Taylor! You are awesome too!

I LOVE this couple for their compassion and love for animals. If only everyone had hearts like them, there would be a lot less pain and suffering in this world for animals.