Gerald Stanley found not guilty of second degree murder

The family of a young Indigenous man that was shot in rural Saskatchewan is speaking out after the white farmer who pulled the trigger was found not guilty of second degree murder.

22-year-old Colten Boushie was shot in the back of the head after he and a group of others drove onto Gerald Stanley’s property.

Boushie’s family had previously expressed concern that the deck was stacked against them during the court process.

Following the verdict, his uncle Alvin Baptiste called for change.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the call at a news conference in Los Angeles.


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RainyDay says:

Read the whole story. There were several people that were armed, had stolen at least two vehicles and were in the process of stealing another from the shooter, while trespassing on his property. I would say, there was reason for him to fear for the lives of his family and himself, and this was a case of self-defense. Wannabe gang bangers and dangerous criminals intent on death and destruction should NOT get the free pass they think they deserve. This should be a warning to ALL of this ilk, that we as a society are FED UP with being victimized and will NOT stand for it ANYMORE. Getting shot may not have been what this pathetic criminal deserved at the time, but he got what he was asking for. Do the crime… Do the time… and risk death at the hands of your victims is more than reasonable and more than acceptable. Just one less perp freely walking the streets, preying on the weak and the innocent. All the others of who take up violent crime as a career should be aware that this is a possible and probable end to their existence.

Bob says:

Very difficult days for communities divided by nation crisis, lip service from levels of governance but little real help so far.