Four year old student wanders away from school

The Niagara District School Board is investigating, after a four-year-old girl wandered away from school earlier this week.

Lily-Ann made her way through Riverview public school, out a door and into the playground. The school doors were locked and she couldn’t get back in, so she walked down the street to her home.

“Hello, hello, is anybody here, oh, no, ok and then I came back out here and sit on the porch and boom, went to the store..”

The store is across the street. She asked the lady at the store for candy but when she said no, Lily then went looking for her mom. When she went back home a neighbour caught sight of her.

“She was looking out the window and saw Lily come running across the road, and there was a white car and a UPS truck.” Kelee John, mother.

She didn’t know if Lily got hit but she came running outside. Shortly after that, a frantic teacher found Lily at home.

The more details Lily’s mother Kelee John heard, the more she became upset. She’s still not sure how long Lily was missing.

The school board says it is taking the incident seriously and the superintendent of education is still investigating to find out how this could have happened and how to prevent it in the future; it hopes the school can win back the family’s trust.


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Trish says:

The same thing happened to my daughter when she first started school ( different school) she was missing 40 mins before they even knew she was come (lunch switch over with teachers) then it took them another 40 mins to locate her yeah they called around the school and looked around the school…..lets not even go there……a uhal man actually found her they walked to my house noticed I wasnt there he then took her to the store then back home to see if I came home i still wasnt I was Christmas shopping as it was November they then went back to his shop to call the police they came and picked her up brought her back to the school then took another 20 mins to call me oh and top all this off middle of winter she had a light sweater on the whole time . I then get the called being asked to come in I asked if everything was fine they said yes just please come in. I pull up to school to see police ambulance and fire truck I just out run in side ask where she is they told me to come to office as they wanted to talk to me first um no i would like to see my daughter they covered there butts pretty good if u ask me but when I did go in to the office I was screaming AMD crying as I can see my daughter PUSHING THE DOOR OPEN AND WALKING AWAY ON THE CAMERA… They said they would make sure this never happened again…..well clearly the school bored didn’t do there job right now did they……my daughter was gone 1 hour and mins then took another 20 mins to call me…..something clearly needs to be done….not the first time I heard about any of this crap

Lynda Fleguel says:

It is the fault of the government for putting 30 plus students in the classroom with only 1 teacher and 1 ECE. Make the class sizes smaller. It is easy for a 4 year old to walk away unnoticed especially if you are dealing with a few behaviour kids in the classroom among the 30. As a parent take some responsibility that you your child did not follow the rules and stay in the school with the classroom where she should have been. Teach kids to ring the bell to the office if they cannot get back into the school. There is more at fault in the situation than just the teacher in the classroom.