Fatal stabbing in Burlington



Halton Police are investigating after a man was found dead in Burlington. The 19 year old was apparently stabbed.

Officers were called to a home on Mountainside Drive just before 11 Friday morning. They say the call came from someone who discovered their roommate unconscious.

There are reports from the scene the man was stabbed in the neck.


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Nicky says:


Alison says:

This is around the corner from my house! So crazy! Cops are everywhere! There was even a guy in a suit walking up and down my street checking things out. Normally this is a pretty quiet neighborhood.

Kaleah says:

Hearing rumours about a guy from work dying…. hoping this is not a connection 🙁

V says:

Burlington isnt as safe as people think.. is all hidden from the public.. everyone have knives… RIP man

shannon says:

I have grown up a couple streets over from this. It has always been a safe place. I cannot believe this has happened so close to home!

Kaleah says:

Yep… it was confirmed. It is Barry from work. So sad

BPL says:

Can’t believe this, such a young life taken.
We just moved out of this building in October.

Sad says:

Rest in peace Barry, you were awesome.

Emma says:

We love you dear friend, we miss you. You were a great friend to so many, rest in peace <3

Racheal Tilley says:

I knew this guy and he was an amazing friend of multiple people and always laughing he did not have one person that hated him and he will be sadly missed 🙁 my condolences go out to his family

Lisa says:

All through high school we went on about how boring we thought Burlington was. Now I hear about this, and everything else the past couple of years. That’s crazy.

Debbie says:

Irresponsible reporting. Neighbour’s comments offensive!

Nicole says:

Miss u Barry :'( … Best friend

Atsu says:

Yes, very close indeed. A friend is devastated because of this.

Cameron says:

I find it strange actually, Why would someone attack him..?
if he had no haters, who would’ve done it?

Lucy says:

Let’s hope this murder gets the attention it deserves. Barry was a wonderful young man taken way too soon.

Keshia says:

I agree!! This happened while I was at work like not even a minute away! Its crazy!!

Heather says:

I found the interview with the resident of the apartment in very poor taste. This is someone’s child that he is talking about. I know this family as our children attended the same schools and this young man had a mother, father and brother that loved him. We can’t always control the choices that our kids make and sometimes these choices lead to trouble. I want the family to know that we are there to support you and help if we can.

It is a disappointment to see CHCH air such a biased and uninformed viewpoint from someone that did not know the victim.

M says:

Do you have any updates on this investigation. This young man has friends and loving family who are devastated by this tragedy. We all would appreciate an update. We need to make sure that justice is served here. HE WAS ONLY 19.

Thank you,
A concerned parent.

Amanda Murphy says:

I have not seen an update on this story since Friday, June 7, 2013. Although I did not know Barrie Debie personally he was a friend of someone I know. He had a huge group of friends who are now struggling with how senseless this is. Please report more on this, what is being done to find the murderer, get this out there so more people might recall seeing something. He was one of the friendliest guys there was, just look at his facebook page to see that.

Amanda says:

I am so sorry, I misspelled his name. It is Barry Debie.

Kelly says:

There needs to be more information on this amazing young man. He was only a baby and police better be working around the clock to find the killer. What I don’t understand is how there is hardly anything about this on the news. You need to speak about this amazing boy whos life was taken FAR too soon. You will be missed by all xo

Sarah says:

We will miss you Barry. You were like our brother! \m/

Laura says:

I thought the interview with the neighbour was HORRIBLE… since he knows nothing, he should shut his fat mouth.

This is someone’s child, someone’s brother, someone’s friend. Actually, he was everyone’s friend.

Have some sympathy for the people he’s left behind. He was just a young kid.

Sean says:

R.I.P Barry… We all loved your good nature and kind heart, quick smile and the peace(well rather lack thereof) that you brought around with you.. Keep on playin hard in the big gig in the sky. Justice, WILL be served.

Merissa says:

Rest in paradise Barry Débie.
We had some amazing times, some bad as well..
But you were always so fun to be around, so full of life and energy.
I’m gonna miss the random visits to my house with Ethan.
I miss your beautiful soul.
I’ll never forget you, ever. You were one of my closest friends back in highschool.
I remember meeting you at Florence Meares in grade 8, and was so excited when I found out you went to M.M so I wouldnt be alone!
I love you buddy.

A parent says:

Monday and still no update on what is being done or how the investigation is going. Can someone from this news station dig into this story? The more we hear, the more someone might remember a tiny detail. His family and friends deserve to know all that is possible is being done to find the person/persons responsible.

Margaret says:

I can’t believe CHCH would air that neighbour segment. My goodness. That is his opinion and should have just been taken by police, not aired. Ugh. So quiet people, who keep to themselves are weird and must be taking drugs?:( Come on. That’s terrible.

Natalie says:

I can’t believe the lack of media attention this senseless murder is getting. A 19 year old kid in Burlington has been violently murdered, and no arrests. There is a killer walking around free. The residents of Burlington should be outraged!
To Barry’s Mother, Brother, family and friends may time ease your pain.

Kim says:

they made an arrest so we can breathe a bit easier now.

Digi says:

We just heard the news here at Head Office and we are all speechless. R.I.P. Barry – much love to the Debie family.

A friend says:

To those of you who have commented here: Thank you for your concern; however, even Barry’s closest friends do not yet have details on Barry’s passing because Barry’s mother would like to maintain her family’s privacy and protect the memory of him until after the funeral. Obviously the police are doing all they can, and the public will know details when the time is right, on a need-to-know basis. Please be respectful, patient and understanding. Post only positive comments, please, and keep Barry’s family in mind when you speak out about how you feel.

If you knew Barry and would like to attend his visitation, this service is open to the public from 5-9 p.m. on Wednesday, June 12, 2013 at Smith’s Funeral Home on Guelf Line in Burlington. In honour of Barry, the family asks that those in attendance please wear purple. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Burlington Reach Out Centre for Kids. Please also understand that Thursday’s funeral will be private with only close relatives in attendance. If you would like to post kind memories you’ve shared with Barry for his mother and brother to read, please visit the website below, and click on “light a Memorial CANDLE” in the top left corner of the webpage: http://www.smithsfh.com/book-of-memories/1601445/Debie-Parmanand/service-details.php

A close neighbor says:

To those wondering what is being done and why nothing is being posted please know there is still a heavy police presence at the apartment and still a very active investigation. I hope his family can get the closure they so dearly need. What a tragedy, he was such a sweet kid.

Nadeslos says:

I am a friend of Barry’s roommate that found him. I have had no contact at all with him since he found Barry dead. I have only heard through a mutual friend. I have noticed that he has been extremely careful not to have his face captured by the media and I know he has denied interviews. He is a very private man and I know this has put him on edge. If he sees this, which I doubt he will, he knows who this is. Mate, call me, I’ll take you out to eat and we’ll talk about other things.

This is the first suspicious death in four years in Burlington. To claim crime is on the rise here because of one incident is false. Yes, practically everyone carries a folding knife now a days. I know I do, but it is not for defense. Never defense. I live in Burlington for goodness sake! (Yes I realize the horrid irony in that statement) It’s a tool should I need to cut something. They also make great screwdrivers and apple slicers. Canadian knife laws are extremely liberal. There are ways we could police them more, but it would only limit the law abiding. That and it would be one more stupid thing Halton police have to bother with. People will always do selfish things.

I saw Barry maybe a few hours before his death. I can’t remember if I went into TigerDirect on the Thursday or the Friday, but I saw him very recently. It’s eerie. Like some others have been saying…way too close to home. I live in Tyandaga, not Mountainside, but most of my friends live there.

In the end, there is nothing more we can do for Barry but say goodbye. Right now, we must focus on his family and friends. His family suffered the loss of his father just a year ago…so this will be especially painful for them. Two loved ones…just gone. We must support them any way we can. There is a Facebook group in Barry’s honour as well as a memorial page on Smith’s Funeral Home website.

This event should remind us all about how short life really is and what is truly important. Have you hugged your child a little closer today? Have you told your parents you loved them? Did you solve all your disagreements before leaving? You may not get another chance. Live life to be happy. Don’t let other steal your happiness from you, but don’t forget to share your happiness as well. Goodness knows we all need more of that these days. I’ve seen too many people die recently. This is going to sound incredibly negative, but try to see it in a different light. You are not getting more alive, you are dying. Do everything you want to do while you can.

RIP Barry
Peace upon you and your family and friends.

Kim says:

An arrest has been made!!! Just waiting on Police to release details.