Investigation launched into how EMS treated Yosif Al-Hasnawi

Hamilton’s emergency services department is launching an investigation into how paramedics treated Yosif Al-Hasnawi at the scene. Witnesses tell CHCH News they didn’t take his injuries seriously at first, leaving him on the sidewalk for a half hour.

Surveillance video taken from a variety store, just steps away from where 19-year-old Yosif Al-Hasnawi was shot shows the victim’s little brother frantically asking the store clerks to call 911. Hamilton police and EMS responded to the call but friends from the Islamic centre who were with the victim say they were shocked at how first responders handled the emergency.

Witnesses say paramedics assessed Al-Hasnawi’s wound and kept reassuring bystanders that it was a pellet shot. Witnesses also say that both police and paramedics were saying that the victim was acting and believed he could stand up on his own. When asked today about these allegations that first responders did not act soon enough, Hamilton police said this is not their main concern right now.

Al-Hasnawi’s friends and family are also questioning why he was brought to St. Josephs hospital, when he was closer to the General, which specializes in this trauma.

We tried to ask Hamilton EMS about these allegations including how long paramedics were on scene before the victim was brought to the hospital, or why he was taken to St. Joes, they say the matter is now under investigation and they will be examining what exactly happened.


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Peace says:

I’ve been saying the police DON’T have any presence on the streets. Even the worst parts of the city! It’s a free for all out there for criminals! What happened to walking the beat!(street)… I believe if the police were doing there job this would’ve happened… Paramedics should’ve saved his life. Truly sorry for the families loss.

philostine says:

it is a very sad state of affairs – this investigation should be quick and thorough – a young man died needlessly