Dog blood donation

Pets can donate blood just like humans can and there’s a constant need for donors. For some sick or hurt cats and dogs, a blood transfusion is their only chance at survival.

Seeley may see her trip to the Roncy Village vet clinic in Toronto as a regular visit, but the pint she’s giving will save up to 4 lives. The Roncy clinic sends donations to the Canadian Animal blood bank in Winnipeg, then they’re delivered around Canada to help dogs in need.

“Some of the most common would be autoimmune conditions in which the red blood cells or platelets or white blood cells within a dog’s body might be destroyed.” Dr. Mark Kinghorn.

Thats’ what happened to Tucker. He almost died last year when his immune system started attacking his own blood cells. He received a blood transfusion at the Mississauga-Oakville Veterinary Emergency Hospital. Dr. Jennifer Kyes and her team both collect and distribute donations to meet the high demand in our area.

“Tucker’s case is not unusual. We treat these diseases for sure every week.” Says Kyes.

Mississauga-Oakville is also one of few clinics to collect cat blood. They have a group of in-house donor cats. “They have to have the identical blood, otherwise there can be a life threatening reaction.” In dogs, blood types are less restrictive but donations are critical for both animals.

For more information:

Roncy Village Vet Clinic- roncyvillagevetclinic.com

Canadian Animal Blood Bank- canadiananimalbloodbank.ca

Mississauga-Oakville Veterinary Emergency Hospital- vetemergency.ca/docs/Blood_Donor.html


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Teri-Lyn says:

This is such a fascinating story. Looking forward to hearing more about these developments in the future.