Whole body cryotherapy blasts clients with freezing nitrogen gas to achieve a variety of reported benefits. You stand in a chamber, or cryosauna, while it fills up with freezing air. Users claim it helps with weight loss, arthritis, fatigue, even cellulite. The temperature in a cryosauna drops well below 100 degrees celcius. That’s colder than plunging into Lake Ontario on January 1st. Colder than -89.2 degrees, the lowest temperature ever recorded on earth.

“The surface of your skin temperature will drop and that will send a very strong signal to your brain letting it know that you’re pretty much in danger of freezing,” says Roman Gersh the owner of Cryotherapy Health & Wellness. Gersh assures it’s safe, as long as you don’t have certain medical conditions, like high blood pressure or heart problems.

The chambers are filled with nitrogen gas until they reach anywhere from -130 to -180. Beginners can only handle 2 minutes inside. The experience is chilling but no more intolerable than waiting for the bus on an icy winter day. “If you were to go outside in -160 degrees, you would turn into a popsicle instantly. The reason you don’t, because you have absolutely no humidity”

The extreme cold is believed to trigger an urgent response in the body, raising metabolism and collagen production. Some research has shown it reduces inflammation and pain, making the chambers increasingly popular among athletes and arthritis sufferers.

Visit cryotherapytoronto.ca for more information.


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