Construction site thefts

Police estimate there are at least a couple thefts from construction sites a month and the crooks are making away with anything from hammers, to entire furnaces.

Last week, two men hit a Stoney Creek mountain development for the second time and were captured on surveillance video. They stole thousands of dollars worth of tools and supplies.

“They’re basically hitting workers tools, cords, hoses, and at this stage of the site that’s basically what they can get.”

In Grimbsy, the same Hyundai SUV can be seen pulling into a lakehouse development on Wednesday last week. Both sites are being monitored by Caliber Communications in Stoney Creek. The security system flashes lights and sounds alarms. It also allows for two way communication.

But these thieves aren’t deterred, they’ve struck four times this year. They were last seen driving a white Hyundai SUV with a patch of paint missing between the windshield and sunroof and the rear passenger side window missing. The developers are confident someone knows who they are.


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Ed Holland says:

I have been in the trade for 20 years. I have been hit. It is so frustrating. Police should be looking for guys who work on site….generally it’s usually the roofers who are doing this. Not saying all roofers are bad, as I know many who are good people, hard working… but in many cases in the past, it has been the roofers who are casing the site during the day time hours, paying attention to who has what, and who leaves their trailers etc overnight and weekends… then they come back at night and know exactly where to go and what to hit. They aren’t on the site all the time, and move from site to site… so they aren’t often recognized… but gives them the opportunity to case many different sites and pick and choose where they go. Police should canvass the sites in plain clothes throughout the week, and pay attention to who is around… I would bet money they will find these guys on site.