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OPP Transport Truck (2)
OPP Safety Blitz for Transport drivers

Ontario Provincial Police say a 24-hour-long safety blitz on Ontario’s…
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Cars set on fire in Brantford carpool lot

Brantford police are investigating after several cars were set on…
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Jason Murray
Jason Murray located

Jason Murray has been located and arrested. Last Wednesday, 38-year-old…
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The Great Race

Two Southern Ontario men are about to embark on the…
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Pelham’s new community centre nearing completion

After two years, Pelham’s $36,000,000 community centre is nearing completion…
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RCMP warn Ontario residents of phone scams

The RCMP is warning the public about fake phone calls…
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Funsplash Sports Park

If you’re looking for a way to cool down while…
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Public outdoor gyms popping up

An adult twist on a children’s playground, outdoor gyms are…
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Khill trial updates

The two shotgun blasts that hit Jon Styres came from…
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Doug Ford orders public sector hiring freeze

Ontario’s incoming Premier has put the public service under a…
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