Ontario Stories

Ontario union members rally for replacement ban

This morning, union workers from all across Southern Ontario gathered…
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MPP going after missing prisoners

MPP Jim Wilson is trying to find out what’s happened…
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McGuinty proposes new child tax credit

Premier Dalton McGuinty is proposing a new children’s activity tax…
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SIU probing police shooting of Brantford teen

A Brantford teen shot and killed by police Wednesday night…
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Burlington man drowns, teenager nearly pulled under water

The dangerous undertow on Lake Erie has killed one man…
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Avoiding undertows and rip tides

We’ve all heard about the dangers of an undertow and…
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McGuinty Grits deny hydro sticker shock

Ontario has announced that large, industrial companies and manufacturers will…
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Immigrants touted to take up skills slack

Statistics show that Ontario could face a growing shortage of…
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Farmers: pork not bringing home the bacon

The fact that Saskatchewan farmers are getting more than $200…
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Heat and smog leave many bothered

To paraphrase George and Ira Gershwin, it’s summertime, and the…
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