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2018-05-24 burlington riding
Burlington riding

With exactly two weeks until Ontario voters head to the…
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2018-05-24 campaign may
Ford dismisses Liberal allegations that he was involved in fake membership sales

Doug Ford was in Hamilton Thursday evening for a event…
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UPDATE: Liberals release tape that they say would implicate PC Leader Doug Ford

The Ontario Liberal Party  released new allegations in the form…
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2018-05-23 glen brook riding
Flamborough Glanbrook Riding

The new riding of Flamborough-Glanbrook has two Hamilton city councillors…
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2018-05-22 lyme diease
Lyme disease season

Last year nearly a thousand people in Ontario tested positive…
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2018-05-22 election wrap
New polls indicate a tight race between the PCs and NDP in the upcoming election

The Progressive Conservatives and the Liberals have set their sights…
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2018-05-21 wonderland ride
Canada’s Wonderland’s newest attraction

Canada’s Wonderland added a new attraction called “The Lumberjack.” The…
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2018-05-21 classy lane
Toronto stable fire hits close to home for the owners of Classy Lane stables

The Sunnybrook stable fire brought back grim memories for a…
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Williams good
Missing 13-year-old Oakville boy

Halton police are searching for a missing 13-year-old boy from…
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2018-05-14 amber alert
Amber Alert sounds across the province

A child who was the subject of an Amber Alert…
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