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CPR focus now on chest compressions

There are new guidelines out today which changes the methodology…
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Food quality at food banks in question

We’re looking tonight at how difficult it is for many…
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Weekend health fair can help those with hearing problems

If you’ve noticed it’s getting harder and harder to hear…
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What’s new in plastic surgery

Kate Carnegie gives it a good look:

Roller derby ends the summer blitz

As the summer winds down, so is our popular “Blitzing…
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This summer has been tough on those with allergies

It hasn’t been an easy summer for people who have…
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Virtual emergency department launches

First they came up with a vending machine for prescription…
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Blitzing Through Summer – Kiteboarding

Still bored as the summer ends? Amanda Blitz take us…
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Physicist: Wi-Fi like ‘giving kids alcohol and cigarettes’

Wi-Fi access is almost everywhere you turn – in homes,…
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Eye testing for preemies

The birth of a baby is often a joyous occasion…
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