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Fewer Canadians taking vacations this summer

We’re now into the peak summer travel season and a…
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The mayor of La Prairie, Quebec has died after stepping on a wasp nest at her cottage.
Quebec mayor dies after wasp stings

  The mayor of La Prairie, Quebec has died after…
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At least one Canadian aboard airliner

We have more now of the Malaysia Airlines flight that…
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Hitchhiking robot

Earlier this week we showed you the remarkable things robots…
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Mike Duffy at campaign rally for John Baird (file)
Mike Duffy facing 31 charges

(Update) A shocking development to tell you about in the…
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Douglas Garland, charged with murder in the disappearances of a Calgary family
Charges laid in Calgary disappearances

Formal charges have now been laid against the man interviewed…
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Cystic Fibrosis through the lens

Cystic fibrosis is a fatal, genetic disease. One in every…
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Household with landlines continue to decline

More Canadians than ever are cutting the cord on their…
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Calgary police conclude house search

  Calgary Police say they’ve finished their search of a…
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The provincial government released a statement after yesterday's meeting regarding the former Douglas Creek Estates property.
Province asks Ottawa for help in Caledonia

Ontario is urging the federal government to settle the Six…
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