Canada Stories

Average price of a home in Canada is almost $400,000
What does $390,000 buy you in a home?

Earlier this week, the average price of a home in…
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Canadian Inmate website
Dating inmates online

Millions of people use online dating websites every year to…
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A doctor attends to a child in hospital (file image)
Warning issued about children’s virus

Health Canada has issued a health advisory for a virus…
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The Faceless Doll Project
The Faceless Doll Project

As the push for a national inquiry for missing and…
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Nero guilty in cocaine conspiracy
Drug case cracked with trail of evidence

More details tonight on the crimes of reputed cocaine kingpin…
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Home care options available in Canada
Home care lacking in Canada

Canadians are known to brag about our healthcare system compared…
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Sketch depicting one of the ships in the Franklin Expedition listing (file)
Evidence unearthed in Franklin Expedition mystery

One of Canada’s greatest mysteries – the Franklin Expedition search…
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NATO summit in Wales
Consensus reached at NATO meeting

The NATO summit in Wales has wrapped up with a…
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Lancaster Bomber needs help to fly

  The Lancaster bomber is getting some help to get…
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Harper gov. planning to abolish paper billing fees

The Harper government is taking action to abolish the practice…
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