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Two teenage girls wearing leggings banned from United Airlines flight

After two teenage girls wearing leggings were not allowed to…
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It’s Earth Hour – Canadians turn out the lights

People across the country are being urged to shine their…
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Three-year-old girl tries to steal Pope’s hat

When her family took her to meet Pope Francis after…
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London terror attack

5 people are dead and 20 others injured after a…
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Federal Budget day

Finance Minister Bill Morneau tabled his second Federal budget this…
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Canada looking closer at airline electronics ban

Laptops, tablets and other electronic devices are suddenly not allowed…
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Music legend Chuck Berry dies at 90

Chuck Berry performing his ‘duck walk’ on stage in Santa…
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2017-03-17 Baratov Court EN thumbnail
Karim Baratov court hearing

Alleged hacker Karim Baratov was back in court Friday via…
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Fun facts about St. Patrick’s Day

Did you know St. Patrick, patron saint of Ireland, died…
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Cyber Security Expert weighs in on Yahoo hacking scandal

The 22-year old Ancaster man arrested in a Yahoo hacking…
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