Lori DeAngelis Stories

Shannon Crocker’s healthy snacks

Lori’s back at The Keeping Room, where Shannon Crocker shows…
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Bump, Baby and Toddler Expo preview

Lori de Angelis previews this weekend’s Bump, Baby & Toddler…
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Wedding Wednesday: bridal makeovers

Lori’s taking Wedding Wednesday on the road to Silvery Blue…
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Paint It Like New

Lori’s at Paint It Like New, finding out about restoring…
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Everything old can be new again

Lori’s at Switch Studio, where Staci Edwards shows how to…
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The Millionaire’s Daughter

Lori finds out how to sell furniture on consignment at…
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Before walking the aisle, walk Ottawa Street

Lori finds out about getting all your wedding needs done…
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Solutions has answers

If you’ve decided to do some spring cleaning, Lori shows…
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Healthful Organics

Lori’s at Healthful Organics finding out about their selection of…
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Niagara College open house

Niagara College has an open house this weekend at its…
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