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Beers by craft brewer Lake Of Bays; Morning Live, April 17, 2015
A new day in brewing

The recent announcement by the provincial government to allow craft…
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Annette Hamm with Neil Crone; Morning Live, April 16, 2015
Neil Crone’s ‘Cheeky Journey’

Actor and comedian Neil Crone is taking on a new…
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Carbon monoxide alarms & home safety

The province’s new Carbon Monoxide alarm law goes into effect…
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Cover of Smoke River, by guest Krista Foss
Smoke River author Krista Foss talks gritLIT

Hamilton’s literary festival – gritLIT – is coming up this…
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Cover of the book The Thin Black Line; Morning Live, April 13, 2015
The Thin Black Line

The Thin Black Line is a non-stop thriller with behind-the-scenes…
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Bob Cowan with Janet Handy and Angela Arsenio; Morning Live, April 10, 2015
National Victims of Crime Awareness Week

Niagara region is holding a playhouse competition and auction to…
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Bob Cowan with Thanh Campbell of the Hamilton Media Advisory Council; Morning Live, March 30, 2015
Learning Hamilton media

The Hamilton Media Advisory Council is looking for new members….
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Tim Bolen with Robert Baboth; Morning Live, March 27, 2015
An act of kindness

Yesterday, Tim Bolen told a story about an amazing moment…
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A very special guitar

The ice storm of 2013 caused damage all across the…
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Cover of Bob Mitchell book Intrusion; Morning Live, March 25, 2015
Incident at Pleasant Ridge

Ever since Roswell back in 1947, UFOs have been part…
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