Burlington students mourn after fellow student took his own life

A group of Burlington high school students are coming together after a fellow student took his life over the weekend.

The teens at Corpus Christi Catholic Secondary wore blue to stand together and start a conversation about the tragedy. They placed flowers, candles and stuffed animals where they say the teen used to park his car.

His family has asked that we not identify their son. His friends who spoke with us today say they are in disbelief, they never imagined this could happen.

Suicide is a sensitive conversation, but one teenage psychotherapist Vielka Alamarzar believes it a very important one to have.

Alamarzar says teens should ask questions and be interested in others to let them know they are not alone. “We don’t know when someone may be ill or depressed and if we are with them, if we are present with them we can perhaps make them enjoy the present and want to be alive,” she said.

According to the Ontario Association for Suicide Prevention, suicide is the second leading cause of death for Canadians teens and one in 10 teenagers think about taking their own life.


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Cholmes says:

The information in this article is completely incorrect. Coming from the entire corpus community and all the actual friends of this student this is a pathetic and desperate attempt of news. Delete this immediately and take time to actual ensure you have the full story before posting filth like this. All you’re doing is causing more hurt for a community that has been through enough as it is.

CHCH Hater says:

Please delete this post. This is disrespectful and is full of false information. You do not understand what happened. Did you ever meet him. Do you know our story. This is disgusting and I hope you never show this kind of disrespect to another. I am sharing how horribly you dealt with this situation so people will stop watching. It is so DISGUSTING DISSAPPOINTING AND DISRESPTFUL. Did you even take the time to see people who actually knew him. We were all mourning while you were being disgusting humans filming people who didn’t even know him as well of a lot of us.

chchsucks says:

Your information is completely wrong. We all loved Mike and we will love him forever. He was never bullied, everyone considered him a friend. How dare you invade the privacy of his loved ones in this time of mourning. Just because your news station is failing does not mean you can abuse the suffering of others for ratings. This makes me sick.

Fu CHCH says:

He was one of my best guy friends, he wasn’t bullied whatsoever. He had severe depression and that is why he took his own life. Please get your facts right before publishing a video about it. Suicide is a major issue amongst our world today but his suicide was not caused by bullying since here at Corpus Christi, are a family. His suicide was caused by an illness many of us suffer, sadly the depression was too much for him to handle causing him to end his life. We will forever be grateful to have crossed paths with him in our lives. He’s now an angel in heaven in which he will suffer no more. He will no longer suffer from depression again.

Kelly says:

I’m really trying to understand how this is a news worthy item, especially given that the family asked for privacy and many students asked that the ‘news’ crew leave school property and also give them privacy…If this needs to reported, how about reporting it accurately? There were hundreds of students mourning the loss of their friend, many who spent hours and hours standing around this memorial in the parking lot, each coming forward to share a few words about their friend…and the real reason students wore blue today was not because it had anything to do with a school colour representing anything as reported…students wore blue today because they wanted to honour their friend by wearing the colour of his bright blue eyes…While this tragedy provides a starting point for parents to begin important conversations with their kids, it is not a news story. Mourning is a private thing and CHCH should respect that.