Banned chemical a concern in great lakes

A chemical that’s been banned in Minnesota and is being reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration in the U.S. has a group in Ontario concerned about its potential effects on the great lakes.

It would be hard to find someone who doesn’t use the chemical in one way or another. And by most, it’s used quite frequently on a daily basis.  But the Canadian Environmental Law Association is now warning people about triclosan.  It’s done a study which has found that it’s toxic to our waterways and is impacting our great lakes ecosystem.

The chemical is found in numerous consumer products ranging from hand sanitizer to soap, deodorant, even toothpaste.  And because its use is quite temporary, usually to wash hands, the chemical ends up going straight down the drain and ends up in the waterways.   The environmental law association says there is evidence that triclosan is building up in the great lakes and affecting the aquatic-life’s ability to survive.  It’s pushing for Canada to ban this antibacterial chemical, as well as all states that border the great lakes, saying that people’s health is at risk.

Fe De Leon, Canadian Environmental Law Association: “Once it’s found in the lower part of the food chain, the more higher levels of fish species that rely on the lower forms depend on that. So if it’s building up there, it will eventually end up in the fish species at the higher end as well so eventually affecting human health.”

Is there a solution? The Canadian Environmental Law Association says there are — 16 simple alternatives could be adopted — using soap and water for cleaning hands, alcohol based products that don’t rely on triclosan — those are safer alternatives.


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Garnet says:

When are people going to realize that producers of the products we buy don’t have to tell us whats in their products, and they are killing us.

Fergie says:

Why do they always find out things like this after it is everywhere???

Sandra says:

Been using these products for years ,now they are no good.

Lisa says:

That’s bad news. All these products are being used by people every day.

Shan says:

Well isn’t that just great

Fish Artist says:

It is a concern to the food chain but what does it really do? How long has this been kept from us? I hope a follow-up story is done to truly enlighten us.

Lee says:

There are people that have known about the dangers of these chemicals for years and warning about it but now that the “environmentalists” are on board, will it change?

parron says:

people’s health is really at risk.

Robert says:

save our lakes, save our drinking water

E-Rock says:

Let’s ban this chemical before its too late!

Bob says:

This is the old Agent Orange component remanufactured for consumer use, circa ’60s

Joanna says:

This is very scary. We put this stuff in our mouths & they’re worried about the lakes??? Seriously?

Troy says:

if it is not needed to make the product work..ban it or have them replace it…

Andy says:

better stop investing in these companies

Andy says:

hey these are my fav brands….

bgee says:

Chemicals are rushed to the public in most cases long before it is determined if they are safe, or what the long term effect they will have on people or the environment

My905Hamilton says:

If its not good for the yankees its not good for us!

al says:

We do everything to protect humans but not the enviroment.

ratdog says:

Much improvement has occurred in water quality but still a long way to go

Jerry says:

we as humans will destroy ourselfs

Dcrap says:

you would think this great nation would be smarter….but

Diane says:

Really chemicals in the water

Armand says:

Okay then…one more thing we shouldn’t use.

Bohdan D says:

I am surprized that Trisoclan is also in toothpaste. If it kills germs, what about when we come in contact orally?

BMD says:

I just wash my hands with old fashion soap

Lisa says:

The chemical is found in numerous consumer products

Giggles says:

A dangerous chemical to everyone

Giggles says:

Why does healthcare so widely use this product

winkdickerson says:

There has to be a safer alternative available.

zsazsa says:

Triclosan should definitely be banned. There are other alternatives that are not harmful to the environment.

dar w says:

We have to look out for out great lakes ! Also if its in our toothpaste and other products . what is with all these preservatives in the food we are eating too!

Starr says:

Why is it Canada never seem’s to see the dangerous chemicals used everyday UNTIL it’s TO LATE?

steelers says:


Britt says:

Omg chemicals doesn’t surprise me

Pansy says:

That is really scary! What can we do about it??

T-Dog says:

, Canadian Environmental Law Association should restrict it

christina says:

chemicals can cause so much damage though

betty says:

how safe is this for us

betty says:

its hard to know what products to use


sorry but I’m not going to stop brushing my teeth.

jpd says:

It should be quickly banned

jpd says:

I’m sure this will take a long time to ban

ariadne89 says:

The little bead-like things in shampoos, hand wash and facial wash are really bad too, they never break apart and get into fish!


It is pretty scary though

Countrylady says:

That is something that Canada will no doubt consider banning in the future as we’ll.

Linda says:

Well I can’t believe Canada hasn’t been on top of the problem. I hope we be right behind Minnesota in banning these products.

Alayne Howie says:

Keep our fresh lakes clean !!

jamira says:

We don’t find out how harmful these chemicals are until they cause damage. I thought testing on product safety was mandatory before they come onto the market.

Judy V says:

And why has it taken so long for this information to come out?