Animal rights & Marineland

An eye-opening expose on the state of animal health at Marineland in Niagara Falls continues to make waves.

In a recent Toronto Star series former trainers blamed chronic health problems among sea mammals on staffing shortages and poor water quality at the park.

Today ex-Marineland trainer Phil Demers and three other former staffers delivered a 77,000 signature petition to premier Dalton McGuinty to protest the lack of laws controlling zoos and aquariums in Ontario, and to make clear that they think the government’s current response is inadequate.

It should be noted though that a joint investigation of Marineland’s facilities has only partially been made public. We haven’t heard from the Niagara Falls Humane Society and the Ontario Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. But three inspectors from the Canadian Association of Zoo and Aquariums gave Marineland a clean bill of health.

We’re joined in Toronto by Zoocheck director Rob Laidlaw, and former Marineland trainer Phil Demers.

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