Al-Hasnawi death investigation

In an exclusive interview with CHCH, we spoke to Steve Ryan, the man who helped Yosif Al-Hasnawi’s brother speak to 911 operators on the night of the murder. While initial reports suggested the call came in as a pellet shot, in this interview, it was revealed that the call was in fact for a gunshot victim.

Knowing that it was a shooting call, a gunshot victim on the ground, it raises more questions about the response of both paramedics and police, which is why the Special Investigations Unit tells CHCH that they are pursuing preliminary inquiries to determine if they should investigate.

Yosif was found on the sidewalk on Sanford but security camera at a convenient store on Main street east would have captured the moment Yosif was shot and killed but unfortunately according to the store, someone came by and knocked it down earlier in the day. It also means the emergency response was not recorded when officers and paramedics first arrived.

One man says a police officer on scene assumed Yosif was suffering from a pellet wound and was fine.

“When he wasn’t. When he was still laying on the ground holding his stomach rolling around in pain is what it looked like he then turned to the kids and said, does this kid always act like this.”

Multiple witnesses also said it took more than 30 minutes before Yosif was put in the ambulance and we are learning for the first time that instead of using a stretcher, the responders had Yosif walk. After dozens of interviews alleging not only EMS but police misconduct we requested an interview with Hamilton police chief Eric Girt. That request was denied, instead of answering our questions they sent out a statement reading in part:

“In the event that any police misconduct is identified during the investigation, the Hamilton police service will take the appropriate steps to have the matter reviewed.”

Hamilton police say no formal complaints have been made against their officers, they add that if you were a witness and have concerns about police misconduct you are asked to make a formal complaint with the office of the Independent Police Review Director.

Homicide detectives are still searching for Dale King who they say murdered Yosif. An arrest warrant was issued Monday and King is facing a charge of second degree murder. Police believe he is still in the Hamilton area and are asking King to turn himself in


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