90 marathons in as many days

Another day, another marathon for Canadian Olympic athlete Mike Strange. And more proof that people can push themselves far beyond their normal limits with the right motivation. Strange is well known as a three-time Olympic boxer in Niagara Falls. But he’s putting his athletic abilities into a new challenge.

Mike Strange has been pounding out the kilometres for 84 days — 42.2 kilometres a day, a marathon a day.

Mike Strange: “I’ve lost over 20 pounds since I first started.”

He started on the east coast. Now he’s getting closer to home in Niagara Falls.

Mike Strange “Knees were really bad at the beginning — I’ve lost two nails on my right foot and two nails on my left foot are dead.”

But no matter how hard it gets, Strange says he thinks of people who have it harder: “Sometimes I feel like Kelsey’s on one shoulder and Matteo’s on the other.”

Kelsey Hill was a young girl from Fort Erie who died of cancer. Matteo Mancini from Thorold also died of cancer.

Mike Strange: “You hit the wall every day and you think about what these kids are going through. A lot of them are running, I’m running a marathon every day but a lot of them are going through treatments, marathon treatments every day and what am I complaining about?”

John Clayton is a supporter: “We raised 12 hundred dollars.

Mike: “Thank you so much.”

So far, Strange has raised about 45 thousand dollars for Ronald McDonald Houses, and Cancer Research at McMaster Hospital.

From kids like Trinity and Cheynne, who wanted to run with him.

Trinity: “It’s awesome and we can kinda keep up with him but sometimes we cant but we still run.”

Cheyenne: “Because of cancer, we wanted to do donations and we wanted to run with him because it’s really fun.”

And from people like John Clayton, a childhood cancer survivor: “I really got no words. I love the guy for doing it. The fact that he’s helping these kinds out and doing what he’s doing. 90 marathons in 90 days I’ve done 20k and I’m hurting.”

Mike: “Alright it’s like groundhog day, get up and you gotta do it.”

Strange was aiming for 90 marathons in 90 days. He’s extending that to 94 marathons in 94 days.

Inspired by the kids fighting their own marathon battles with cancer.


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Armand says:

What a great thing that this guy is doing.

Kim says:

way to go; a great person doing something good for a wonderful cause…

CHCH Fan says:

What an awesome role model for tackling this goal with such energy! Great good news story!

xjaysfan says:

that’s alot of running.. keep up the good work

Lady MacBeth says:

This guy is amazing!!! Keep it up:)))

Eileen says:

90 marathons is an amazing feat

Dream24 says:

Kudos to him for doing this and raising money. He’s right motivation is a key factor to going further and being the best you can be.

Pianogramma says:

I can’t believe he is doing Marathons every day! My husband was a Marathon runner and he used to be wiped at the end of just one Marathon, but managed it well. Mike, keep it up. It is for a good cause!

mandusa says:

Wow, what an ambitious man. I wish I had his stamina.

Joanna says:


diana e says:

Total admiration for his commitment to the children of cancer.

Christy says:

Way to go Mike – just keep on – you’ll make the 94 days – worth it in the end especially for the kids!

Christine says:

Good job, u rock, & keep up the good work.

Christina says:

What an inspiring story! Congratulations!

Countrylady says:

Mike Strange is a real hero doing 94 marathons in 94 days for McMaster cancer research and Ronald McDonald houses. He truly is an inspiration to everyone.

DRFosh says:

cheers too him , he has a big heart.

Tarlaymoon says:

Cheers to him. Very strong and dedicated runner.

Tarlaymoon says:

Cheers to him. Very strong and dedicated runner. Proud of his accomplishment.

Shannon says:

What a Hero ! Families need to know people, such as Mike are there helping & do this out of the goodness of their heart.

stan says:

Such dedication. Hope the weather helps his cause.

Lisa says:

That’s a great way to do fundraising and loss weights at the same time. Way to go Mike.

steelers says:

makes me feel like running

Debbie says:

What an inspiration Mike is….can’t imagine the agony of a marathon a day!

Gongoozler says:

Truly You are one of a kind a sure difference maker