This 1-hour CHCH News Special features memorable programs, personalities and innovations that will create a flood of memories for anyone who’s watched TV in Ontario these past six decades. Watch and Earn 30 CH-CHing! points per segment.

60 Years Strong starts with a look back at the launch of the station by Ken Soble, a broadcast pioneer, whose maverick decision to drop the CBC’s programming and go it alone as a private broadcaster made headlines. Great names and shows from the Special include Tom Cherington, Dick Beddoes, Bill Lawrence, Norm Marshal, Ken Soble’s Amateur Hour, Tiny Talent Time (making a comeback this Fall on CHCH), The Hilarious House of Frightenstein, The Red Green Show, Party Game, Maple Leafs Hockey, Don Cherry’s Grapevine and blockbuster movie world TV premieres like The Godfather.

Through a treasure of archival video and current interviews, 60 Years Strong tells the remarkable story of a remarkable TV station that still stands out today, proudly independent, and strong!

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