Six year old boy dies after falling from a 6th floor balcony

It’s a tragedy that has left neighbours traumatized.

Police say the 6 year old boy who fell from a 6th floor balcony yesterday was with his family. An autopsy will be conducted to help clarify what exactly happened.

A horrific scene at this apartment building on Young Street in downtown Hamilton yesterday as a boys body is removed from the concrete patio where he landed. Witnesses are still in shock.

“I was scared because you know, he fell down, and there was bleeding.”

The 6 year old boy, who has not been identified, died on scene. Forensic investigators were examining this 6th floor balcony that has planters and a small table. Police say the boy was found on the ground, outside of the building, after an incident on the 6th floor but are hesitant to say the boy fell.

“Its still very early in the investigation and to determine where the incident started and where it ended that much we can confirm. How we end up on the ground, we don’t know.”

Police did confirm that the boy’s family was home at the time of the incident.

“We saw the mother and she was crying and screaming, of course thats her kid. The lady she is pregnant to expecting another child. It’s so sad.”

Those who live in the building, some with children themselves say they cant imagine the grief this family is going through.

The area below the balconies where the boy was found has been cleaned up, but one witness says she’s having a hard time looking down from her balcony.

“Our mind is still on that little kid and last night I was in my living room and I could not sleep.”

Neighbours say the boys mother is pregnant and has other children and say the family recently escaped a fire in their unit. The ceiling of their balcony is still charred. Police say autopsy results as well as further investigating is needed to determine if charges are to be laid.


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