24 hour challenge

Niagara residents are putting a Canadian spin on a dangerous drinking game. “Nek Nominations” are a trend among young people who dare one another to chug excessive amounts of alcohol and then upload videos of their antics to YouTube. But in Thorold, residents are focusing more on the dare, and less on the drinking for something called the 24 hour challenge.

Candi Sider is a challenger: “I think there’s like 10,000 members already and it just started Thursday night.”

It’s taken off across Canada with thousands of videos uploaded each day since it started last week.

There are a few rules.  Some challenge takers chug a beer at the end of their stunt. But the friends behing the trend say it’s not about the drinking, it’s about making the most of a cold Canadian winter.

Candi said: “I’ve spent more time outside last week than I have so far all winter.”

The trend has snowballed and they’re taking advantage of its growing popularity to help out a friend in need. Matt Risi is facing big bills to treat his Lyme Disease

Rob Stronghill is a challenger: “Around 80,000 dollars is needed for treatment and we don’t want Matt and his family to have to go alone with that burden.”

The 24-hour challenge crew is hosting a dodgeball tournament to fundraise for his treatment

Candi said: “With something that started out as a silly game to be something really good and really big and have fun with it.”


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Travis says:

It’s not a challenge of doing crazy things in the snow. It’s people drinking beer in crazy ways. Canadians have no more originality than to do it in the snow. For instance I saw one from Europe where a guy put a live goldfish in his beer and drank it. Just thought you should know

travis is wrong says:

No its not drinking beers in crazy ways like that stupid neknomination where people die. The rules which you clearly did not know:

Thank the person for being nominated, nominate 3 new ppl, chug A (1, not a 26er of vodka) beer..again CHUG 1 BEER, do it outside in the cold weather in your underwear or swimsuit.

Carly says:

Actually, maybe you should read the description in the Facebook Group page. Its about getting down to you underwear doing something “outlandish” and chugging a beer in the snow. Its not about putting yourself in danger, in any way, even if some people are pushing that fine line. I believe you are thinking of Neknomination. This is NOT that. This has become a way of bringing a community together to support someone in need. This comparison needs to change before people do take it too far.

Mitch says:

The challenge is to do it in 24 hours…

bob says:


in support of fellow Thorold native Matt Risi.

The 26-year-old is undergoing treatment in the U.S. for Lyme disease at an estimated cost of $80,000. The fundraiser will assist with Risi’s medical bills.

These videos are to show support

youbetyourlife says:

“You can’t fix stupid” and that is what this is. And i am sure it is not a charity that is benefiting from this. I am shocked at the way CHCH anchors laughed about this. It’s not going to be funny
when someone dies or is seriously injured.

Shay says:

Thats goldfish thing isnt original… pretty sure we downed minnows for the hell of it …….. in high school might I add.

Dee dee says:

That’s the best you can come up with? It’s for a charity and the best you can do is bash Canadians for originality? Ok bud. A decent person would be appreciate the good deed that is being accomplished. I guess for people like you, you need a sickness in your family to give a damn.

Sarah Marie Eidt says:

Actually Travis it is about doing stunts in the snow. If participants choose to drink it’s only one beer. Others are chugging water, even maple syrup. This is our own version of what you are talking about. Completely different. Maybe check it out before you chirp up! Oh Canada! As stated above we are raising money for a great cause as well.

Mike Risi says:

Risi, not Lisi.

Kim Ward says:

My friend shared a video on Facebook of her buddy giving Mac Donalds to a homeless guy downtown st Catherine’s before his challenge. I can’t find their actual chugging, but the gestures are a thing to look forward to. Everyone I’d seen have been really sporting, and creative. To be honest, I have never seen to many half naked people in the snow in my life! #stayclassystcatharines

Ed says:

That Travis guy is missing the point of this. It’s fun, you sit there knowing someone you know is going to dare you to do something in the cold. None of this is about drinking, if we want to drink we will do it inside, why someone chose to have a rule that at the end you chug a beer ? No idea. But it’s not important, it’s all about that nervous waiting, knowing you’re going to have to face winter and that it’s going to likely suck. But it’s a dare. It’s supposed to be that way.